Empowering Young Children through Philanthropy

Beth Kanter

One of them was Vincent Law who is doing interesting work with teaching young children about giving and philanthropy. Empower Young Children through Philanthropy – guest blog post by Vincent Law, CEO and Founder at PhilanthroKids Academy. Among various kinds of philanthropy, I have a passion for children’s well-being especially the psychological aspects. In our 10th anniversary, CPF collaborates with AFP to develop a philanthropy program for young children aged 3-12.

Beth’s Surprise Party: A Case Study in Crowdsourced Action

Amy Sample Ward

Lesson #1: Design an action and invitation that’s doable and interesting – while focused on your goal. When sending out an invitation, it’s important to remember that the language you use needs to be appropriate for those you’re inviting, as well as to their audience as they could easily repurpose the language or calls to action you use to more quickly and easily share/spread the campaign.


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Workforce development for the nonprofit tech professionals of the future: It will be a consortium, not a building with a dome!

Deborah Elizabeth Finn

It’s been about a year and a half since I starting agitating for a Massachusetts Institute of Nonprofit Technology , an initiative that will kick off by training the nonprofit data analysts of the future.

Nonprofits Show Technology in Action

Tech Soup Blog

What does technology in action look like? Each entry was more compelling than the next, showing us that nonprofits are putting technology in action in incredibly different ways. In Canada, this is how the Neil Squire Society , a nonprofit that empowers Canadians with physical disabilities through the use of computer-based assistive technology, puts technology in action: "They can't see the screen.

TechSoup Global: Springing into Action

Tech Soup Blog

a Skokie Public Library program that provides specialized services, programs, and resources for children with special needs. TechSoup Global has had a busy year so far with new ventures, exciting contests, and global recognition.

August 25 – CitizenGulf’s National Day of Action

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Citizen Effect’s CitizenGulf project will become a National Day of Action on August 25th, in alignment with the week of the fifth anniversary of Katrina. The benefit — to be promoted by Gulf Coast Benefit — seeks to help fishing families find a new, more sustainable future by providing education resources for their children. Photo by Geoff Livingston. Mark your calendars!

EveryAction Acquires DonorTrends


By better empowering them to use actionable data and innovative tools, we help them to do more good,” said EveryAction CEO Stu Trevelyan. DonorTrends uses actionable data and analytics to empower nonprofits to raise more money and retain more donors. They have helped organizations like Common Cause, Plan International USA, and The Children’s Defense Fund raise more money with greater efficiency, including through leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Boston 201

2018's Best Giving Tuesday Campaigns


Best Donation Page: Middle East Children's Alliance. The Middle East Children’s Alliance is a top-tier example of building a compelling donation page that maximizes conversions when it counts. Finally, their donation form is equipped with EveryAction’s FastAction network, meaning that if their donor has taken prior action on an EveryAction form, their information will be autofilled, making the process of completing their donation quick and easy.

nfp 2.0 » Save the Children offers yak a Second Life

Rebooting Charity

whitewater widgets yak shack December 5th, 2006 Save the Children offers yak a Second Life Owen Gibson writes in The Guardian that Save the Children today becomes the first UK charity to participate in Second Life , a virtual world accessible over the web via software installed on your computer. The money is then transferred into a Save the Children account at the current exchange rate of US$3.50

How to Keep Donors Engaged When Everything is Changing

Connection Cafe

I want to share just a few low-budget examples of how the team at Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation has pivoted to continue providing donor relations and stewardship to our donors during this current crisis.

Donor 41

Achieving the SDGs: Taking Action for the 2030 Agenda In Your Community

Connection Cafe

million Americans , including more than 13 million children, lived in food-insecure households. You may be reading this in between reviewing grant applications to support responsible production and consumption or to take action against climate change. How to Take Action on the SDGs (Hint: You Already Are) . If you are inspired to take action, the good news is that you are already well on your way. 4 Steps to take action on the 2030 Agenda: Get informed.

How Save the Children Is Using An Edgy Infographic As Part of A Multi-Channel Campaign for Children in Syria

Beth Kanter

Save the Children’s Ettoré Rossetti, Director of Digital Marketing & Social Media for Save the Children USA, emailed me an infographic on the impact of the Syria crisis on children. The crisis in Syria is now entering year three and the situation is getting worse for children not better. There’s enough children impacted by the crisis in Syria to fill every professional baseball and professional football stadium in the US.

Syria 57

[Reflection] Mashable #sgsGLOBAL: How Do We Get From Collective Conversation To Action To Impact?

Beth Kanter

A theme I heard throughout the day on multiple panels was a call to action for people in the room to serve the world by following their passion. What better way to see this in action is to hear it and see it from the young people themselves. In addition to being gifted musically, Malkin is also the newest youth ambassador of Save the Children , an institution that serves children in need in around the world.

Oman 47

NpTech Tag Summary: NpTech Slide Decks, Twitter Saves Children, and Visualizing Information for Advocacy

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Ethan Zuckerman gives a summary of Pros/Cons of facebook Activism , a presentation by Imran Jamal and the Burma Global Action Network. Nate Ritter gives a brilliant example of how Twitter could help save the lives of missing children. One of the above is the actual cover of " Visualizing Information for Advocacy " - a must read booklet from Tactical Technology Collective. NpTech Conversations. So, you want to build a MashUp? Take the NetSquared Mashup Challenge !

Microsites in Action: Telling Your Nonprofit’s Story


There's the "program" side that wants to tell you all the amazing ways your programs help save homeless pets, feed the hungry, find cures, protect our children, or empower women. The answer is simple: create a microsite that allows you to focus on a particular topic, present specific calls to action and, with the help of social media, reach large numbers of people much more quickly than a traditional website. By Carla Chadwick, Creative Director, Sankynet.

The Mother-Led Movement to Save Our Kids’ Climate

Saleforce Nonprofit

I believe that our children’s generation is key to creating lasting change in equality, justice, climate change, and human rights. It’s the gift of having my children teach me that everyday actions can make a world of difference. Even with young children.

Women's Global Green Action Network: An Interview with Melinda Kramer

Have Fun - Do Good

She is the co-founder and co-director of Women's Global Green Action Network , a nonprofit that cultivates global partnerships of grassroots women environmental leaders by providing access to communication tools, support services and networking capabilities. Melinda Kramer: Women's Global Green Action Network is an international organization that is linking and empowering women working in environmental sustainability around the world.

Green 40

7 Nonprofits Fighting for Immigrant Rights


There are nearly 800,000 people protected under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). DACA paved the way for these children of immigrants to obtain work authorization and relief from deportation, enabling them to go on to universities and build careers and families. The Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights.

COVID-19 contributed to major education funding gap, report finds


According to Theirworld, if the annual funding gap is not met—and there are no plans or proposals to address the gap currently—more than half the world’s children are at risk of failing to attain basic literacy skills by 2030. Reprinted from PND.

[Guide for Nonprofits]: How to Engage Social Media Influencers to Extend Your Reach and Drive Action

Connection Cafe

This could be exponentially more impactful than asking your supporters to take one-off actions. The number of likes, followers, shares, active social networks, and dozens of other interactions can determine how likely it is that a person, or brand, can influence others to take action. Goal: Email this list with the call to action to “share on Twitter”, “Post on Facebook”, etc. Children Like Jesse Need Relief: Will you share his story on Facebook?

Peer Learning As A Prelude to Collective Action for Social Change: Reflection

Beth Kanter

This peer learning exchange is designed to help state-based groups to be more effective in engaging their networks toward covering uninsured children. Just like message consistency, storytelling, and interviewing skills, proficiency with social media like Facebook and Twitter increases their capacity to make change happen for children in their state. Source: Spitfire Twitter Feed.

Alli Chagi-Starr, Art in Action/Ella Baker Center, Podcast Interview Transcription

Have Fun - Do Good

Alli is also the co-founder of Art and Revolution, and founder of Art in Action , Dancers without Borders, and the Radical Performance Fest. He came and talked about affirmative action, we became friends at that point, and started to learn about the different work that we were each doing. Britt: And in addition to your work with the Ella Baker Center, you also started your own organization, Art In Action , could you tell us a little bit about what you guys do?

Today something good happened

Steve Bridger

For a start, thousands and thousands of people participated in Blog Action Day. I was going to write about something else for Blog Action Day. I was going to write about Save the Children’s Kroo Bay and DfID’s bloggers. Why is there no global search engine for good news? Imagine… a humungous aggregator of all the positive good that millions of people have done today.

Kiva 55

Recapping the First Salesforce Nonprofit Summit Sessions

Cloud 4 Good

Teach For America (TFA) has been in business for over 31 years with the mission to find, develop, and support a diverse network of leaders who expand opportunities for children from classrooms, schools, and any sector that shapes the broader systems in which schools operate.

Influence | Forum One: Internet Strategy, Social Media, User Experience and Web Site Development

Forum One

Skip to Navigation Careers News Client login About Us Services Our Work Blogs Events Contact Us Home › Blogs › Influence Social Networking and #AIDS2010 Suzanne Rainey in Influence 15 Jul 2010 There’s a flurry of action this week as we await the start of the XVIII International AIDS Conference (#AIDS2010) in Vienna, Austria, next week.

3 Smart Branding Strategies for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

A good place to start is by making sure that our communications and branding fulfill one or more of the following goals: Move people to a specific action. ALYN is a world-class hospital in Israel dedicated to the rehabilitation of permanently and temporarily disabled children.

How Autism Society and Other Health Nonprofits Are Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Health Care


Whether it’s inquiring on the types of services provided for people with autism or a call-to-action to increase funding for these programs, the Autism Society is making it easier for supporters to reach out to elected officials and take action! The Transverse Myelitis Association is dedicated to children, adolescents, and adults with a spectrum of rare neuro-immune disorders.

Influence | Forum One: Internet Strategy, Social Media, User Experience and Web Site Development

Forum One

Skip to Navigation Careers News Client login About Us Services Our Work Blogs Events Contact Us Home › Blogs › Influence Social Networking and #AIDS2010 Suzanne Rainey in Influence 15 Jul 2010 There’s a flurry of action this week as we await the start of the XVIII International AIDS Conference (#AIDS2010) in Vienna, Austria, next week.

Influence | Forum One: Internet Strategy, Social Media, User Experience and Web Site Development

Forum One

Skip to Navigation Careers News Client login About Us Services Our Work Blogs Events Contact Us Home › Blogs › Influence Social Networking and #AIDS2010 Suzanne Rainey in Influence 15 Jul 2010 There’s a flurry of action this week as we await the start of the XVIII International AIDS Conference (#AIDS2010) in Vienna, Austria, next week.

Influence | Forum One: Internet Strategy, Social Media, User Experience and Web Site Development

Forum One

Skip to Navigation Careers News Client login About Us Services Our Work Blogs Events Contact Us Home › Blogs › Influence Social Networking and #AIDS2010 Suzanne Rainey in Influence 15 Jul 2010 There’s a flurry of action this week as we await the start of the XVIII International AIDS Conference (#AIDS2010) in Vienna, Austria, next week.

Two Surprising Ways to Broaden Your Reach Online


Social Media: Action Sharing. We call this action sharing. You have actions you want people to take on your site – donate, volunteer, write their political leader, sign up for an event, join, sign up for your eNewsletter or even inquire or apply. By sharing the action they just took with their network of friends and followers! Online marketing can take many forms.

Online 171

The Psychology of Giving: Important Words to Use in Your Appeals

The Modern Nonprofit

By appealing to your donors’ sense of self, you can persuade them to take action. Fundraising copywriter Lisa Sargent offers some great examples of the our/your swap in action : Our vision is to make the world a better place. Say “Yes, I want to give because children need me.”.

Brain 70

5 Social Media Templates for Nonprofit Fundraising Events

Nonprofit Tech for Good

HERE’S THAT CAPTION IN ACTION: You’re invited to Teeny Rescue’s Yappy Hour on March 2, 2020 from 7-10 PM at Rose Gold’s Bar. HERE’S THAT CAPTION IN ACTION: Your date makes a big difference. HERE’S THAT CAPTION IN ACTION: Meet Angela. HERE’S THAT CAPTION IN ACTION: Just released!

nfp 2.0 » The Best use of Google Maps, full stop

Rebooting Charity

whitewater widgets yak shack October 13th, 2006 The Best use of Google Maps, full stop The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children ( NSPCC ) has a long history of embracing innovation to raise awareness of its cause. The child protection charity is now using Google Maps in the latest phase of the hugely ambitious Full Stop campaign to end cruelty to children, which it launched in March 1999.

ASTC Recap: Questions, Colors, and Reflective Research

Museum 2.0

Both of these designers presented compelling images and evidence from exhibit work and child development experts about the idea that you can make sophisticated, muted exhibits that help children slow down, focus, and enjoy themselves with interactive content. Chuck offered a quote from an advisory psychologist who commented that "children should be the brightest thing in the space." Tags: evaluation children's museums exhibition design professional development

Tampa 20

Creating a Safe Space for Members to Share

Joy of Membership

Irene is the Executive Director and Founder of Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to protecting children, teens, and adults from abuse, bullying, assault, exploitation, and other emotional or physical violence.

Share 56

nfp 2.0 » A billboard of protest

Rebooting Charity

whitewater widgets yak shack December 6th, 2006 A billboard of protest As I was posting yesterday about Save the Children’s ‘Yak Shack’ venture into the virtual world, Beth Kanter was writing about awareness raising in Second Life. I’m not sure this call to action will be well received “in-world&#. A click on the screen in your picture will take people through to an action page offering people a range of online actions on poverty issues.

How Water.org Adapted Their Social Media Content Strategy in Response to COVID-19

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Here’s how Water.org ensured their content to be informative, demonstrated timely action and impact, and offered users the opportunity to help. 3) Social media content highlighted the actions of Water.org to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

How Nonprofits Can Use Behavioral Science to Engage Supporters on Social Media

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Since most organizations have supporters who are driven by a range of intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, having different strategies that appeal to different types of motivators within a campaign or a series of campaigns will attract the most number of volunteers to take action.



Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home Obama on race in America Obama on race in America Last Updated on Friday, 25 December 2009 09:50 Written by Steve Tuesday, 18 March 2008 08:51 Barack Obama commented on the state of race relations in America today, delivering a compelling narrative of where we are as a nation, and a clarion call to action to take a major step toward achieving the vision of the enlightenment–equality of all people on earth.

How to Attract and Retain Volunteers in 2021

Volunteer Hub

For example, instead of a general plea for help at the annual children’s carnival, ask them to sell tickets at the carnival or to be in charge of the ring toss game. Attracting and retaining volunteers is crucial to your organization’s mission.

How to Attract Donors From Around the World With Your Virtual Event


CREATIVE IDEAS TO TAKE YOUR VIRTUAL EVENT GLOBAL : Use strong call to action buttons to provide fundraising and direct donations. On their Classy campaign page, visitors saw clear calls to action.

Building Blocks of Effective Creative: Need


In order to seize attention and motivate action, creative will express five elements: Need . What are the stakes of inaction (generally, persistent or expanded harm), or the benefits of action (generally, an improved circumstance)? Read time: 4 minutes.