Activating the Millennial Generation

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Are organizations turning this generation’s heightened interest in causes into action for the betterment of the people they serve? Thankfully, thousands of movements are successfully activating Millennial cause enthusiasts, converting them into donors , volunteers and outspoken advocates for a cause. MCON is an annual event that highlights these movements and proves how the Millennial generation is actively shaping our communities and world.

4 Development Activities to Do Now for Future Payoff

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When you have a portfolio management meeting on the calendar, it will drive ongoing attention and activity. The outcomes should be useful, actionable information that gift officers can use to advance the relationship—not endless detail. Research time that doesn’t facilitate, spark, or lead to action in your donors and prospects isn’t time well spent, even when you have a little more time in your day. When a storm is coming, you prepare.


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Ten Advocacy Calls to Action for Nonprofits

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Is a barrage of action alerts and fundraising emails burning out your activists? Perhaps you’ll come up with an entirely new action that the rest of us will rush to copy! . You might ask people to send friends to a high-value action or petition, or you might encourage them to invite their contacts to follow you on Facebook. Cross-channel promotion means more than just digital: email can spark plenty of actions in the real world. Special Bonus Action: Vote .

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 84: A Recipe for Hashtag Activism

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Online campaigns like #MeToo have been greatly effective at raising awareness and sparking action. But not every campaign is so effective, and social media activism can be polarizing and difficult to manage. She joins the podcast to talk about hashtag activism, why some social media campaigns are successful while others aren’t, what social good organizations can do to help ensure the success of their social media campaigns, and how to appeal to members of Generation Z.

Activating the Generation of Do-Gooders: MCON 2016

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Even deeper, this research helps institutions turn Millennials’ interests in a cause into action for a cause. And that’s why this research is so crucial: We must understand how this demographic moves from having an interest to taking action so Millennials work alongside institutions instead of independently. And the best place to activate this generation of do-gooders is MCON 2016.

How World Wildlife Fund Used Segmentation to Activate Social Influencers for Their Cause

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So what is a nonprofit supposed to do when trying to activate supporters around a critically important issue to their cause? government to take action against climate change. The United Nations holds a climate change conference every year, and countries come together to negotiate and agree on multiple plans of action to slow, react to, and combat climate change. November 2015 – some legislators in Congress attempt to overturn the Clean Power Plan through legislative action.

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Exciting Times for Social Actions

Amy Sample Ward

I have followed the development of Social Actions over the last few years and really believe in the work that Peter, Christine and the community have done to shape a collaborative, open tool that benefits so many people and organizations in all kinds of ways. Social Actions Transition: Request for Letters of Interest. Opportunity Alert: Four Powerful Enhancements to the Social Actions API.

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EveryAction Acquires DonorTrends


By better empowering them to use actionable data and innovative tools, we help them to do more good,” said EveryAction CEO Stu Trevelyan. DonorTrends uses actionable data and analytics to empower nonprofits to raise more money and retain more donors. EveryAction also acquired ActionKit on May 8, 2019 and will continue to be active with additional acquisitions. Predictive Analytics Fundraising Product Fuels EveryAction’s Rise in Nonprofit Market. Washington, D.C.,

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The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


The Value Proposition - Purposeful Action in a Changing World. The Value Proposition - Purposeful Action in a Changing World. The IMPACT Conference is historically the largest national gathering of student leaders, administrators, faculty, and nonprofit staff committed to engaging students in service, activism, politics, advocacy, and other socially responsible work. 2019 AFP DFW Philanthropy in Action Conference. 2019 AFP DFW Philanthropy in Action Conference.

Online Activism: The Movie - Ten Tactics for Info Activism

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

A new 50- minute documentary film called " 10 Tactics for Turning Information into Action " is a guide to how best to use take advantage of the power of these tools and avoid hidden dangers. The site and film include inspiring info-activism stories from around the world, a set of cards with tool tips and advice. The project comes from Tactical Technology, inspired their info-activism camp in India. Activists around the world are using social media tools to make change.

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3 Easy Ways To Make Your Nonprofit's Email Program Stand Out Today [With Free Templates]


Their initial action signals a short window of a high level of interest in and support of your nonprofit, so using this moment to deepen their connection to the organization will pay dividends when you send your next fundraising ask. Download our free template to get your series started with a strong initial welcome email, and use an additional email slightly later to provide more information and opportunities for them to take action.

Using #GivingTuesday to Turn Your Mission into Action

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There is no better time to turn messages of hope into action—to giving time, money, talents, and voice. If you haven’t decided how to activate for #GivingTuesday, please take some time to make a plan (the clock is ticking). It isn’t a day unto itself but, instead, special moment on a coordinated path of activity. If you know me, you know I think “ good is for everyone.”.

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What We Learned About Digital Engagement from the 2019 M+R Benchmarks Report


Acquisition is the name of the game, and nonprofits have to keep a constant drumbeat of registration on their websites, social media changes, digital ads, events, and any multi-channel activities. Advocacy was an equally important area in which mobile showed steady success, in fact, text messages successfully drove phone calls at more than twice the rate that email advocacy messages drove traditional web-based actions.

5 Easy Ways Nonprofits Can Use Testing to Increase Digital Engagement


Homepage layout Your website homepage is likely the first thing that most visitors see, so it’s important that it draws them in further, and directs them toward relevant actions such as signing up for email updates or donating. For nonprofits, an effective call to action is paramount. Many organizations have moved away from passive language such as “join our mailing list” or “sign up to receive our newsletter,” and toward active calls such as “take action” or “join the movement.”

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5 Actionable Ways to Prevent Profit Leaks

NonProfit Hub

By actively creating a workforce management strategy, these leaders can help their organizations by ensuring every available fund is utilized effectively. The post 5 Actionable Ways to Prevent Profit Leaks appeared first on Nonprofit Hub. Profit leaks threaten to sink any business, but the nature of nonprofit operations make them particularly vulnerable. Most companies in other industries can make internal adjustments to compensate for monetary drain.

2018's Best Giving Tuesday Campaigns


With Giving Tuesday behind us, it's time to highlight just a few of the organizations who ran stellar campaigns, activated supporters, and beat their fundraising goals. Finally, their donation form is equipped with EveryAction’s FastAction network, meaning that if their donor has taken prior action on an EveryAction form, their information will be autofilled, making the process of completing their donation quick and easy.

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Mixing Film and Activism

See What's Out There

You’ll get a close look at how these films supported the social change goals of their partner organizations and how they were tied to urgent actions. The great people at Working Films and The Fledgling Fund just announced IMPACT , a new series of videos that discuss how film campaigns can ignite social change. They ask the question we always grapple with: How do social issue documentary films do more than just raise awareness?

Book Review: Sharing Cities – Activating the Urban Commons

Beth Kanter

Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons is a collection of 137 case studies and policies in 11 categories how self-organized, democratic, and people-powered policies and initiatives can help solve some of the most thorny problems we face around the world in urban areas. The book was created by Shareable , an award-winning nonprofit news, action and connection hub for the “ Sharing Cities Movement.”

Active, Advanced or Averse - Nonprofit Change & Social Media

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Remember, this is a free tool, one that people use to focus attention and galvanize action. with activity over the post. Author: Jordan Viator. Seth Godin wrote an interesting blog post yesterday entitled “ The problem with non ” that has definitely sparked a bit of conversation.

Creating More Frictionless Actions

John Haydon

Another important step in this mindshift is to appreciate what people are naturally willing to do on sites like Facebook : How Facebook enables frictionless actions. Facebook removes psychological and technological friction points to increase social sharing and other doable actions. The app authorization also lists activities that will appear, and allows me to choose who can see your activities. Meaningful Facebook actions.

E-Mediat Day 3: Digital Activism

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Mary Joyce leads a session on digital activism using the Story of Electronics. Day 3 of the Train the Trainers session was devoted to Digital Activism and facilitated by Mary Joyce. The learning objectives: To provide participants with a formula for training digital campaign strategy. The session provided strategy theory and a simulation exercise based on creating a digital activism campaign for the Story of Electronics film (that now has Arabic sub-titles ).

GUIDE: Using Donor Personas to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising


Use your donor software data to research Vince’s engagement history and determine what types of calls-to-action he’s answered in the past and try to recruit him for similar things in the future. Ultimately, the aim is to have a new, engaged audience to share stories with and activate to give and/or advocate for your cause. A great way to bridge that gap is by taking immediate advantage of Eddie’s and Emma’s actions and striking while the engagement iron is hot.

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The Activity Level Discussion in Museums: Is a Role Marketplace an Answer?

Museum 2.0

The Activity Level Discussion in Museums: Is a Role Marketplace an Answer? Weisberg Activity level is a problem for museum staff. The terms " innovation " and " engagement " have become buzzwords thanks to too many outcome-unclear professional development classes and staff surveys without corresponding action. What does it mean to tackle activity levels in real terms? Written by Seema Rao and Robert J.

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Tweet by Tweet, Building Nonprofit Awareness - NPQ – Nonprofit Quarterly - Promoting an active and engaged democracy.

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Tweet by Tweet, Building Nonprofit Awareness - NPQ – Nonprofit Quarterly - Promoting an active and engaged democracy. : Looking at the extensive list of nonprofits that were touted, which you can view here, the social media campaign was fairly successful and channeled some inspiring and passionate tweets on behalf of a number of nonprofits, from Action Against Hunger and Alex’s Lemonade Stand to Vision of Children and the World Federation of UN Associations

Lights, Camera, Action! How to Create a Video Gallery in WordPress

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Install and activate the plugin, then visit the “Settings” page and add your license, which you’ll find on your account page on the Envira Gallery website. Now simply hit “activate” and you’re ready. The post Lights, Camera, Action! It’s no great secret that WordPress is a pretty amazing program, and open-source jewel that allows users such great latitude of design possibilities.

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The ONE Campaign Uses Mobile Messaging to Drive Twitter Activism

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Your mobile list are typically your organization’s biggest fans who will take action quickly. The post The ONE Campaign Uses Mobile Messaging to Drive Twitter Activism appeared first on Mobile Commons. Creating a groundswell of Twitter support can be a powerful way for an organization to make its voice heard. After all, more and more people use Twitter to get their news, and mainsteam media often source opinions and insights directly from people’s tweets.

GUIDE: Voter Registration Campaigns for Nonprofits


For nonprofits which engage in advocacy around civic engagement or political issues, voter registration drives are a great tool for activating your volunteer base, deepening relationships within your community, and increasing local democratic participation. To maintain 501c3 status, nonprofits must carefully avoid any partisan activity, actions that endorse a candidate or party.

5 Call-to-Actions for Your Nonprofit’s Donation Confirmation Page

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Now you want to know, is it appropriate to ask your supporters to take further action? The truth is, immediately following a donation is one of the best times for another call-to-action (CTA) of ways donors can continue to support your organization. Once you’ve thanked your donors , you can add another call-to-action to the page that will encourage them to continue engaging with your organization and help build a lasting relationship.

Tips for Activating a Culture of Wellbeing in the Nonprofit Workplace

Beth Kanter

Last month, I was honored to present and facilitate an all-day workshop for nonprofit leaders at the Oregon Nonprofit Leadership Conference on how to activate a culture of well being in the nonprofit workplace, based on my book, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout. The participants were amazing and came up with some terrific strategies and action plans. Review self-care activities and celebrate Friendship.

National Potluck: a virtual event in action

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Potluck hosts can join a team or host as individuals, and they agree to raise money from family and friends to help fund education, public programs, and other activities. Author: Sally Heaven. Thanksgiving is a beloved holiday, but it's usually over way too fast. The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) has come up with a way to let us all extend the holiday - as well as to celebrate their anniversaries and two decades of accomplishments.

Why Did Salsa Labs Fire Its CEO and Co-Founder? - NPQ – Nonprofit Quarterly - Promoting an active and engaged democracy.

AFP Blog

NPQ – Nonprofit Quarterly - Promoting an active and engaged democracy. : The Salsa Labs organizing platform (and before it, Democracy in Action) was the creation of Lundberg and April Pederson. Why Did Salsa Labs Fire Its CEO and Co-Founder? - n a move that has relevance for nonprofits engaged in issue campaigns, Salsa Labs fired CEO and co-founder Chris Lundberg.

Want to Turn Facebook Fans into Active Supporters?


When was the last time you dreamt of giving your Facebook fans actions more engaging then Like and Comment? Several members of the Groundwire team have been advising Drew and Shawn and we're in the process of building a Salesforce Connector which will allow orgs who are using the system not only to capture and export data about their most active supporters on Facebook but also get it into their Salesforce database so they can use it to support their overall engagement strategies.

How to Use Social Influence to Inspire Action

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When people aren’t sure about a particular choice or decision, they look to see what other people are doing to guide their own actions – and typically they do this without even realizing it. If you have volunteers who are active with your nonprofit and believe in your cause, they can be another voice for your organization. The post How to Use Social Influence to Inspire Action appeared first on Nonprofit Hub.

How Does the Hashtag Fit into your Strategy?

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Where the Ice Bucket Challenge caught attentions with people participating in a fun activity and one upping their friends, current hashtag campaigns take a step back and are reaching broader, beyond a single organization or activity. Susan McPherson, CEO and Founder of McPherson Strategies, joins Blackbaud’s own Rachel Hutchisson in the most recent episode of the sgENGAGE Podcast: A Recipe for Hashtag Activism.

Four Models for Active User Engagement, by Nina Simon

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Here’s a brief definition and cultural example of each: • In contributory projects, users are solicited to provide limited and specified objects, actions, or ideas to an institutionally controlled process. Source: Share Your Ideas. Note from Beth: I first encountered Nina Simon through her awesome blog back four or five years ago. I got a chance to meet her face-to-face for the first time at the Nonprofit Technology Conference in 2007.

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[Guide] Creating Video for Nonprofits


By appealing to a wide range of our senses, videos capture our attention and activate our emotions, unlike any other medium. One of the reasons why I learned to do photo and video was because media outlets weren't showing up to the actions that I was organizing. You could add the fundraising call to action at the end, but nobody’s going to make it that far so those videos have to be driven by storytelling.

Guide 105

Spreadsheet Aerobics: Actionable Measurement for Social Media

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I have been thinking a lot about actionable social media measurement strategies that are fit and trim and light on their feet! Inspired by the Measure Everything: Is Your Nonprofit Facebook Page Worth It? , It much easier to collect, analyze and take action with your data when you do a little bit each month or every other week. It isn't the most thrilling activity. The key here is actionable data. Measurement should inform specific decisions and/or actions.

From Fuzzy Mission to Actionable Metrics in 7 Steps


Here are seven steps to help you make your mission more clear and translate that mission into actionable metrics. If they show up once, are they engaged, or do they need to commit to a longer-term activity? Fundamentally, the goal is to break down your fuzzy mission into actionable chunks, figure out how to move forward on a chunk, and get started. In my experience, almost every nonprofit thinks their mission is harder to measure than most.

Twitter for Activism Tool VS Strategy Debate and A New Twitter Activism Guide

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

There is an inherent tension between strategy and tactical implementation of using social media to support a campaign's objectives or nonprofit's mission, whether the goal is fundraising, marketing, or taking action. And while quite, different from the "mainstream" use of Twitter by nonprofits , Ivan warns against tool-driven decisions for activism campaigns: It's certainly exciting to see technology being used in ways that amplify and extend the impact of movement organizing.

Activating the Activists with Social Media

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How do we activate the online activists to take action offline?" I was not presenting, but decided to use Twitter crowd source some suggestions, screencapture them, and put those into my presentation later in the day. easibey @ kanter actions that r easy/doable. They are quite successful - [link] jonratliff @ kanter face to face meetings deepen the enthusiasm for activism. jaygoldman @ kanter Rewarding verified offline actions with online social credit.

Twitter Promoted Products Engage, Inspire and Activate

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Representatives from these organizations spoke on a panel hosted by Twitter in DC to share their experience promoting engagement and activism through Twitter’s promoted products, an expanding group of products available for advertisers. Promote an action? Planned Parenthood activated an emotionally charged nation through a Promoted Tweet to get donations during the Susan G.

How Will You Turn Those New Ideas into Action?

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But there's also a lot of evidence that shows that knowledge alone will not catalyze action. If you want to make change, you need to find ways to translate information into action. And yet few of us translate that knowledge into action. I suspect any of these activities, even the silly ones, would achieve stronger outcomes than another research study on the benefits of sleep. How can we translate that will into action? We did it through action.

Free Student Activism Training

Have Fun - Do Good

greenpeace seventh generation youth activismOh to be 18-24 again! Got an email today advertising a free one-week training for student activists put on by Greenpeace and Seventh Generation called Change It 2006.