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Embracing Change: A Post-Pandemic Nonprofit Sector

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It is almost unfathomable that just a little over a year ago nonprofits were operating in a “world-as-we-knew it” mentality.

10 Ways Nonprofits Can Send Mobile-Friendlier Email


Does your nonprofit send mobile-friendly email? You’ve likely heard about the importance of being mobile-friendly to engage constituents. Maybe even that: Mobile email opens are predicted to surpass desktop opens this year. Email click-throughs are lacking on mobile devices. Nonprofit email click-through rates declined in 2012 (as did conversion rates). But if you’re not yet sending responsive design emails , what can you do right now to be mobile-friendly?

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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 185: Promoting Your Value as a Database Administrator

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Database administrators (also commonly called database managers, DBAs or DBMs) are often operating behind the scenes, outside of the spotlight. However, DBAs are critical team members and it’s important they promote their value within their organizations.

19 Proven Fundraising Ideas from Nonprofit Experts


If you’re looking for Fundraising Ideas you’ve come to the right place. npEXPERTS: Fundraising Ideas and Marketing Tips from the Pros (#npEXPERTS) is a a 46-page free e-book collaboratively written by a cross-section of npEXPERTS in fundraising, marketing and communications, social media, mobile technology, digital advertising, and more.

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Become the Association Your Members Want

As the pandemic advanced, we were keenly aware of the apprehension and pain throughout our community. Clients and colleagues contacted us with questions about managing revenue shortfall, introducing new technology, and preparing for changing membership patterns. The.orgCommunity organized a Think Tank to help identify trends and crystalize our outlook on the future of membership. The sessions were facilitated by Elizabeth Engel, Chief Strategist, Spark Consulting. This article is the result of feedback gleaned during those dialogues, previous research, and the viewpoints of the.orgSource team.

8 Ways You’re Probably Not Thanking Your Donors


Nonprofits that effectively thank and regularly communicate with donors will have an easier time retaining them. Here's 8 ways to thank donors online. Email Marketing Interactive Online Fundraising Web Design email eMail marketing end of year giving fundraising internet online giving stewardship

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11 Fascinating Facts About Online Fundraising That Will Inspire You to Action


Is your nonprofit raising money on it’s website? I’m guessing the answer is yes. … Online Fundraising 2011 online Blackbaud Social Fundraising

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Optimize Your Nonprofit Facebook Page for Graph Search in 8 Steps


Facebook’s new Graph Search is very different from Google search. With Graph Search, … Social Media Facebook graph search John Haydon nonprofit facebook guy Social Media for Nonprofits

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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 187: Strategies for Avoiding Tech Burnout

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We already relied on technology to communicate before the pandemic, but over the past year we’ve become even more dependent on video and digital communications to live and work. So, how can you make use of the tech you need to navigate the world without succumbing to burnout?

Why the rise of mobile email might hurt nonprofits


As more people continue to check email on mobile devices, research has found mobile click-throughs are lacking. This may not be good news for nonprofits. Email Marketing Interactive Mobile Online Fundraising communication email eMail marketing Non-Profit nonprofit responsive design

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You have been abandoned


Most nonprofit websites see a donation form abandonment rate of around 50% - 70%. Yes, that’s more than half of the people who have found your website, gotten interested enough to click the “donate now” button and looked at the donation form decide not to make that donation. Here's what you can do to improve this. Content Marketing Interactive Mobile Online Fundraising Web Design Donation Forms Google Analytics

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Achieving Organizational Transformation: Pathways to Success

Association executives—and hopefully their boards—know that they are facing perilous times. Driven by the pace of cultural and technological change, they are experiencing major disruptions in the traditional business models that used to guide organizational growth strategies.orgSource offers a straightforward approach to navigating these changes and readying your organization for growth.

You Have a Google Grant—Now What? A Guide for Nonprofits

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More nonprofits are beginning to see the immense value of the Google Ad Grants and have acquired it for themselves. If you’ve managed to get the grant for your organization, you deserve a hearty congratulations. However, as many nonprofit professionals know, acquiring the grant is only the beginning.

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Fundraising Ideas to Reverse the Trend of Declining Email Response Rates


The much-anticipated 2013 eNonprofit Benchmark study was released last week. It contains online fundraising, advocacy, email, social, and mobile results from 55 U.S.-based based national nonprofits in 2012. Nonprofits often use this study to benchmark their own online activities and fundraising ideas. One of the eye-catching findings from the study was the steep decline in the performance of fundraising emails in 2012.

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Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Online Fundraising


It’s 2013. As a nonprofit focused on fundraising, you’ve likely started making resolutions … Interactive Online Fundraising Web Design #nptech fundraising online giving web design websites

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Why Can’t I Raise Any Money Using Social Media?


Tweets can travel faster than the speed of light and Facebook is word-of-mouth on steroids. But can you raise money using social media? Social Media fundraising Social Fundraising

6 Enewsletter Ideas to Help Retain Donors


While nonprofits are challenged with retaining donors, one overlooked cultivation tool may be the enewsletter. The right type of enewsletter content can help strengthen donor relationships. Content Marketing Email Marketing Interactive Mobile Online Fundraising Social Media annual giving communication email eMail marketing Enewsletter fundraising nonprofit nonprofit social media Social Media for Nonprofits

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The Denan Project - Leveraging WhatsApp for Good

As part of building a new supporter journey (from making a one-time donation to becoming a sustaining supporter), The Denan Project set out to shorten the time between the first donation and the recurring donations.

4 Ways to Support Your Nonprofit’s Outreach with Direct Mail

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Successful outreach requires understanding your donors and what makes them decide to give. Of course, no two donors are exactly alike, which means your nonprofit has to account for lots of different supporters with different motivations and different ways to reach them.

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The (Un) Guide to Conferences: What NOT to Do


Spring is in the air and for the nonprofit community, that means the … CRM Interactive Nonprofit Management Technology #bbcon Nonprofit Conferences tips and tricks

The Unseen Opportunity of Asset-Based Giving

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Recently one of The Giving Crowd’s partners asked a nonprofit leader , “ h ow many gifts of assets have you received?” The leader responded, “Oh, we have that covered, we receive one every now and then.”

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3 Reasons to Explore Virtual Training For Nonprofit Staff

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“We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.” – Peter Drucker. Learning is truly an everlasting endeavor. When we stop learning, we stop growing.

One Email Tactic Nonprofits Need to Steal From Brand Marketers


Sending the right email message to the right constituent at the right time can be almost impossible to organize manually. But, what if it didn’t have to be that way? Content Marketing Email Marketing Online Fundraising #nptech communication email eMail marketing fundraising fundraising events nonprofit online giving relationship management stewardship time management

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10 Ways to Sabotage Your Year-End Emails


I've spent a good part of the past month reviewing year-end email drafts and have seen several common pitfalls. Here are 10 things to avoid. Content Marketing Email Marketing Online Fundraising #nptech email end of year fundraising fundraising Non-Profit online giving

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Spotlight on Finastra’s 2020 Global Employee Wellness Program

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During our focus on employee wellness , we continue to highlight customers that changed the look of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) landscape in 2020 with the use of unique mental, mindful, and healthy employee engagement opportunities to foster participation while remote.

Turning One-Time Donors into Lifelong Supporters After Going Viral

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During the presidential inauguration in January, 22-year-old poet Amanda Gorman transfixed the country when she delivered her poem “The Hill We Climb” – a call for national solidarity and equality as a polarized United States begins to recover from a once-in-a-century pandemic.

Ten Tips from Advocacy Superheroes


BBCon took place outside the Beltway, but we had plenty of Beltway insiders … Email Marketing Web Design Advocacy

Two Surprising Ways to Broaden Your Reach Online


Online marketing can take many forms. Email, web design, user-generated content and paid search are all ways to improve your nonprofit’s reach and increase web traffic. What you may not have considered, however, is how you can actually impact viral sharing and improve interactive marketing on your website. Here are two real solutions that get results. Social Media: Action Sharing. By now, most of you have a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 186: Why Adaptive Strategy is the New Strategic Plan

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The last year has taught us that change is the only constant – however, that makes it difficult to stick to a traditional 3-year or 5-year strategic plan. So, how can social good organizations plan in a way that allows for change?

Q&A with sgLEADERS: Alicia Dicks, The Community Foundation of Herkimer and Oneida Counties

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The “Q&A with sgLEADERS” series on sgENGAGE aims to provide readers, including the next generation of social good leaders, with valuable insights from executives across the social good community.

5 Tips for Improving Employee Emotional and Mental Well-being

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The world has officially surpassed the one-year mark of a remote workforce for many companies – a year full of pivots and uncertainty for organizations. As employers reflect on what has been done and what needs to be improved on, it’s crucial to put employee well-being at the forefront.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 188: How Athletes Are Engaging in Philanthropy

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In today’s episode, you’ll hear from Joanne Pasternack, president & chief impact officer at Oliver+Rose and creator of Athletes’ Voices, about her work with athletes who want to engage in philanthropy.

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Next Level Healthcare Fundraising: Using Gratitude to Qualify Donors

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There are many ways to qualify prospects , including looking closely at wealth capacity and determining the extent of the connection between the prospect and the organization. T he intersection of these two critical components – wealth and gratitude – is where I’ve seen the most success. .

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Thinking Mobile in 2013 – Being Responsive


The mobile buzzword of the year is "responsive design." Let's dive into this term and discover what responsive design is all about, why it is important for nonprofits and what your alternatives are if responsive design is not the best fit for your organization. Interactive Mobile Nonprofit web design Nonprofit websites responsive design

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Insights from the 2020 Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Study

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The Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Study is making its eleventh highly anticipated appearance on the desks of peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraisers everywhere.

The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 189: Crafting an Effective Elevator Pitch

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Today’s guest has a mission, and that mission is to teach the people who are doing good how to get noticed by using their words.

The Ultimate Checklist for Rethinking Your Healthcare Fundraising Strategy

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Raise your hand if your healthcare organization was forced to make changes to your fundraising strategy in 2020. Now, keep your hand raised if those changes worked surprisingly well or were long overdue. There are a lot of hands in the air! That’s because change is opportunity.

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The Ins and Outs of Facebook Fundraising: A Complete Guide

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Facebook fundraising can get a bad reputation, especially when organizations fail to see the opportunities to engage and retain a new generation of supporters. However, Facebook fundraising is much more than a helpful boost to your organization’s online donations.

Q&A with sgLEADERS: H. Beecher Hicks, III, National Museum of African American Music

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The “Q&A with sgLEADERS” series on sgENGAGE aims to provide readers, including the next generation of social good leaders, with valuable insights from executives across the social good community. Today’s Q&A is with H.

5 Tips for Successful Online Giving Days

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Higher education giving has traditionally relied on major gifts, annual funds, and direct mail as the primary means of engaging new donors.

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A Changing Landscape for Corporate Volunteerism Post-Pandemic

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The landscape of corporate volunteerism looks vastly different today than it did just 12 months ago. The social connections made while cleaning parks and playgrounds, working with students in classrooms, or serving at food pantries have stalled due to the pandemic.

December 2020 COVID Relief – How the Latest COVID Relief Legislation Could Provide Relief to Social Good Organizations

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On December 21, 2020, the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate passed a wide-ranging COVID Relief and Appropriations bill and the President signed the bill on December 27, 2020. The appropriations bill , totaling $1.4T, provides funding for the government through September 30, 2021.

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New Year, New Web Design Trends


Observations about how web design has evolved over the last decade to be flatter, bigger and simpler, all making it easier to translate into a mobile experience. Interactive Mobile Web Design Goals Non-Profit web design

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