Innovation in Healthcare Social Media


ICF is doing a lot of great work around innovation in healthcare IT, as well as exploring how social media can help push the healthcare industry forward. ” Social Media – The Competitive Edge in Healthcare [WHITE PAPER].

Association Social Media: The CFA Institute


The social media function at CFA Institute has grown in strategic importance over the years, and its location within our organizational structure has evolved along the way. The social media team should set strategy, of course. 6) Have you done any social media campaigns?

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Citizen Tech: Social Media in Disaster Response

Amy Sample Ward

My contribution to the panel is to provide context about the use of social media in emergency and disaster response as well as an overview of some of the tools we saw deployed last year and we may see in the future. Social media, like all technology, is developed by people.

Social Media Strategy: United Methodist Church and 10THOUSANDDOORS


The United Methodist Church recently launched a site with social media at its heart! What they’ve done is create a “social media mashup” – Google Friend Connect, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, iLike and more. Their new site goes far beyond a Facebook page or Twitter account. Why’d they take this approach you ask

How Many Hours Per Week Should Your Nonprofit Invest in Social Media?

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The estimates below allow for the time required to research and create content for your social media campaigns, the actual time spent engaging and participating in your nonprofit’s online communities, and the time necessary to monitor and report ROI.

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Creating Your Organization's Social Media Strategy Map

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The goal is to help participants create a social media strategy AND take a deep dive into the tactics and tools of social media. The Social Media Strategy Map and Worksheet 1. What do you want to accomplish with social media?

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10 Tips for Managing Social Media Burnout

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Six months ago I came pretty close to complete social media burnout. I was running over 20 social networking profiles, logging in seven days a week, and at minimum pulling 60-hour work weeks. My chosen profession requires complete dedication to social media and not everyone is as extreme as I was/am, but as social media continues to penetrate the nonprofit sector, more and more nonprofit staff and interns will experience social media burnout.

Use Social Media to Reel in Big Fish Donors

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Use Social Media to Reel in Big Fish Donors Guest Post By Geri Stengel, Ventureneer. Note from Beth: We know that social media can bring in the small dollar donors, but what about larger gifts? Research which social media these major donors are using.

Nonprofits and Social Media: Seth Godin, Beth Kanter and The Chronicle of Philanthropy All Chime In


Godin says that nonprofits are resistant to change and slow to adopt social media as well as the free online tools available to them. Do you know who Seth Godin is? If not, make sure to check out his blog and what Wikipedia has to say about him. You might be thinking to your self, “Why is Frank asking me this?” The reason is simple really; I want to call your attention to a conversation going on in the online world based on a post by Godin ( The problem with non ).

Advancing Social Media Measurement for Philanthropic Outcomes #sm_re

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Once this is established, along with goals – the methodology to measure your network relies on having a baseline methodology and using Social Network Analysis. One SNA concept that Marc shared comes from Ron Burt and it is about “Bridging VS Bonding Social Capital.”

3 Things Every Board Member Should Know About Social Media


Not all social media channels are created equal. Read on for more about what every board member needs to know about social media. 3 Things Every Board Member Should Know About Social Media. 1) Not All Social Media Channels Are Created Equal.

5 Steps to a Successful Social Media Strategy

Amy Sample Ward

Social media, as many have said time and again, is only part of your campaigning, part of your fundraising, and part of your communications. Before sitting down to work on your social media strategy, evaluate what kind of capacity you already have in your network.

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Active, Advanced or Averse - Nonprofit Change & Social Media

Connection Cafe

The crux of his post: nonprofit organizations haven’t bothered to “to show up in a big way” in new marketing and communications efforts – namely social media from fear of change. Is social media being embraced by the sector? Author: Jordan Viator.

Three Ways Social Media Has Negatively Affected the Nonprofit Sector (and What We Can Do About It)

Nonprofit Tech for Good

As the agents for social good, nonprofits are in a unique position to help reverse this trend of extreme negativity in the online collective consciousness. 3) Social media burnout. Tips for handling social media burnout? Social MediaNo doubt.

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Five Tips for Nonprofits to Ramp Up their Social Media


While many nonprofits have a social media presence these days, senior leadership is still struggling to figure out how to best integrate it into their communications plans. ” How much time should you spend on social media if you have limited resources?”

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Using Social Media to Share Research

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: Last Spring, Allison Fine and I did an evaluation report for the Case Foundation on the America’s Giving Challenge 2009. That model uses social media a mechanism to give feedback. Scaling Social Change Through Social Media by Guest Post Patricia Martin.

Using the Social Web to Make Local Impact


Friday, October 2, 2009, is LIVE STRONG Day. While their efforts are focused on encouraging local participation in the physical sense they’ve also made it possible for people to participate online through social media using sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube. I’m hoping you’ll be inspired and begin to get a vision for your organization by seeing what LIVE STRONG is doing with social media.

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Is your Nonprofit too Social Media Dependent?


world and nonprofit’s wanting to carve out their space in it, it’s important that we: 1) Spend some time (not all of it) capturing people’s basic contact information (name, state, and email address at the very least) as part of your social networking strategy. 2) Not place all of our eggs in one basket or in this case one popular social network. Right now, the largest social networks are built on proprietary platforms VS open source platforms.

10 Things Every Nonprofit Should Know About Social Media and Online Communications - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


frogloop Home frogloop Home Receive monthly updates Subscribe to our RSS feed Follow frogloop on Twitter Most Popular Posts Social Network ROI Calculator Social Networking for Nonprofits: ROI, Tracking Tools and More "While Theyre Hot!" April 28, 2009 | Joanna M.

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[Book Interview] Nonprofit Example of Social Media Excellence: WITNESS

Nonprofit Tech for Good

What was the very first social media tool your organization utilized, and when? In February 2006, WITNESS first social media tool was the launch of its YouTube Channel. What social media tools are you currently utilizing? Organization: WITNESS.

13 of the Best Nonprofit Videos from the Last 13 Years

Nonprofit Tech for Good

These early adopters were also embracing Myspace when the vast majority of nonprofits hadn’t yet had their aha moment about social media. Social Media YouTube

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Three Lessons in Social Media Fundraising


Many align nicely with some of the principles of We Are Media. The key here is another point from the report: Social media tends to work best for organizations in an "Action-re?ection-revision-action" There's No Such Thing as Social Media Fundraising. I get a lot of speaking requests, and most of those have to do with social media and fundraising. But, to borrow a cliche, social media doesn't raise money, people raise money. .

Facebook is Great, but Does it Really Work for Fundraising?


This week ReadWriteWeb shed some light on the ineffectiveness of social networks to aid in customer acquisition (see graph below). “Of the 24 companies interviewed (in Forrester study ), only 7% cited social networking as one of their most effective sources for customer acquisition.

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The social media for social good landscape

ASU Lodestar Center

Social media, whether it be Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, thrives due to its ability to cultivate connections and promote interactions in real time, regardless of users’ location. Twenty-first-century statecraft is but one approach to using social media to advance a social cause.

Time Management Tips for Nonprofit Techies and Social Media Strategists

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Using Social Networking to build your YMCA career View more presentations from steveheye. My takeaways: Slide 31: Some great points about balancing the line between individual presence and organizational presence on social networking sites: Read the policies in your employee manual.

Guest Post by Gaurav Mishra: The 4Cs Social Media Framework

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The Need for the 4Cs Social Media Framework. Over the last year, I have had to explain how social media works to diplomats, defense officials, and academics and students focused on fields as diverse as international affairs, management and sociology.

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10 Things Every Nonprofit Should Know About Social Media and Online Communications


Last week I spoke on a couple of great panels at the Politics Online Conference about technology, social media and how Congress is trying to adapt to the ever-changing world wide web aka the “series of tubes&# as former Senator Ted Stevens so hilariously described it. Let’s get down to my top 10 list of things every nonprofit should know about social media and online communications.

4 Keys to Building a Successful Nonprofit Web Site


It’s been an exciting endeavor and given us a lot of insight into using social media for nonprofits and fundraising! Our main goal is to help you learn how to leverage our technology and the tools that make up social media. We recently launched a new blog here at Blackbaud Internet Solutions. With that in mind I’d like to share 4 Keys to Building a Successful Web Site based on similar tactics we’ve deployed on this blog

eNonprofit Benchmarks Study Reveals Latest Metrics for Advocacy, Fundraising and Social Media


Online fundraising grew 14% from 2009 to 2010. However, it’s important to note that the 2010 fundraising response rate was actually 0.08% and fell 19% on average from 2009 to 2010. From 2009 to 2010, advocacy response rates declined 7% on average. E-newsletters Nonprofit Benchmark Studies Online Advocacy Online Fundraising Social Networking Trends Web 2.0

Creating a Social Media Policy for Your Nonprofit

Wild Apricot Blog

Who should speak for your organization in social media? If you're not sure, it may be time to work out a social media policy for your staff and volunteers who blog and chat and comment online, where the personal and professional lines often blur.( Tags: media Social networking Best practices General non-profit interest Non-profit technology Non-profit Communications nptech How can you control what’s being said about your group and your cause?

Can Social Media Marketing and Traditional Marketing Coexist?


If the goal is to integrate social media marketing into your traditional marketing, you're setting yourself up for failure. By comparison, social media marketing is based on relinquishing control, two-way communication, building community, and breaking out of campaign-thinking to build trust over time. So here are some social media marketing tactics that can coexist with your older tactics -- though a bit of a mental shift is still required. social medi

Social Media and the Performing Arts: Engagement First, Ticket Sales Second

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Arts and Social Media View more presentations from kanter. This morning I gave a presentation for a group of senior marketing people from performing arts centers around the country on social media. How do we track and monitor our social media strategy?

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Is It Worth It? An ROI Calculator for Social Network Campaigns - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


frogloop Home frogloop Home Receive monthly updates Subscribe to our RSS feed Follow frogloop on Twitter Most Popular Posts Social Network ROI Calculator Social Networking for Nonprofits: ROI, Tracking Tools and More "While Theyre Hot!" all areas where social media makes a total sense.

Silos Culture Inside the Walls of Nonprofits Prevent Effective Social Media Use

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Sam shared a story that illustrates the barriers that many nonprofit organizations face in adopting social media and harnessing its power leading to successful outcomes. How do we change this and pave the way for effective social media use? Flickr Photo by Eqqman.

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2009 Social Media Challenge

Amy Sample Ward

The Social Media Challenge is back again! Tags: challenge fundraising donorschoose education social media The challenge runs throughout October, with hundreds of bloggers and Twitterers rallying to support classroom requests on During last year’s challenge , more than 165 bloggers participated, including Fred Wilson , TechCrunch , Kara Swisher , Ars Technica , and Julia Allison.

A Little Privacy, Please! Your Rights and Social Media Policies


Got something related to B2B, association or nonprofit social media you think would interest SocialFish readers? If social media websites really did respect your privacy, would policies be so littered with jargon that the entire document reads like fine print?

Social Media in the Nonprofit Workplace: Does Your Organization Need A Social Media Policy?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Photo by Terry Bain in Flickr I've been hearing a lot lately from folks who work in nonprofits asking for examples of "social media or social networking policies." As part of effective social media strategy development, the internal conversation must take place.

More From #P2P15 | The Most Tweetable Peer to Peer Moments

Connection Cafe

The conference organizers stepped up their social media game in a big way this year, allowing attendees to virtually attend multiple breakouts at once. Nonprofit Fundraising #P2P15 social media for non profits Twitter

On aligning social media strategy with your association focus


On Social Media Strategy View more presentations from Maddie Grant. The blue diagram on the right is how we picture the social focus. On the outside, you have all the multilayered and unharnessed conversation happening in social spaces. When we're talking about social media, too, it's totally OK not to hit the center of the board at first. Tags: associations strategic thinking social media systems thinking

How Baby Boomers Use The Internet


From 2004 – 2009, the number of seniors age 65+ actively using the Internet increased more than 55% (Nielsen). million people age 55 and over engaged in social networking with nearly 19 million of those people using Facebook (comScore). Image courtesy of Modern Senior.