How To: Create a Listening Dashboard for your Organization

Amy Sample Ward

Think of all the places your organization’s name, staff, projects, programs or focus area could come up in the news, in campaigns, or in online conversations. To stay on top of it all, I suggest you create a listening dashboard for your organization - and here’s how to do it!

Creating Your Organization's Social Media Strategy Map

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The goal is to help participants create a social media strategy AND take a deep dive into the tactics and tools of social media. I've come up with synthesis - a worksheet, how-to points, and resources that would guide an organization to think strategically about social media.

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Let’s Chat – Considering if Chatter can help your Organization

Connection Cafe

In addition to the ways the Salesforce platform is helping organizations integrate with social data, I pointed to a few other tools that are available for anyone to use. The other side of Social CRM is what is changing inside organizations; how communication between organizational staff is getting more social. There’s a tool from Salesforce called Chatter that allows organizations to pull internal social communication together is a single place.

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Lights. Camera. Help. Opens Submissions for Nonprofit Film Festival with Pre-screening in Austin, Texas

Connection Cafe

opening night pre-screening here in Austin and was blown away by the powerful videos shared by the four nonprofit organizations screening their video entries. Proceeds from the event with go to the organization that is the subject of the winning video.

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How Do Other Organizations Control Administrative Costs?

Tech Soup Blog

For many organizations, the terms "transparency" and "accountability," when uttered in the same sentence as "indirect/administrative costs," mean only one thing: it's time for another round of belt-tightening.

Best Campaigns of 2009


In 2009 their campaigns made me laugh or helped me channel my frustration over injustices into action. Here’s my list of the best websites and online campaigns from 2009. In 2009, Charity:Water raised over $650K via social media, said Scott Harrison back in late September.

10 Things Every Nonprofit Should Know About Social Media and Online Communications - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


57) Mobile (15) Nonprofit Benchmark Studies (15) Nonprofit Events (36) nptech (8) Online Advertising (5) Online Advocacy (47) Online Fundraising (97) Online Marketing (59) Online Organizing (32) SEO (3) Social Networking (109) Technology (31) Trends (51) Video (27) Volunteering (2) Web 2.0 (60)

Volunteering: Making the Connection

Connection Cafe

This year some of my coworkers and I were inspired to volunteer with an organization called TAP - Theatre Action Project , which works with youngsters to encourage creative expression while learning critical life skills and building self-esteem and confidence.

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2009 NTC Preview: Dahna Goldstein and Bev Magda on Managing Change


The best software in the world won't do an organization any good if they can't get their staff to use it. Of course, knowing that isn't enough: Anyone who's engaged in implementing technology projects at nonprofits needs a whole slew of tools to help navigate the change management waters. Dahna Goldstein Bev Magda I used to do technology consulting with nonprofits, and I found that the work was about 10% technology, 90% psychology.

Report: Rural-Based Organizations Receive Fewer Grants than Urban NPOs

NonProfit Hub

According to a report issued by the United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service, rural-based organizations received just 5.5 Understanding where grants go can help a nonprofit operate better. In 2005, the value awarded to rural organizations was 7.5

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Active, Advanced or Averse - Nonprofit Change & Social Media

Connection Cafe

The crux of his post: nonprofit organizations haven’t bothered to “to show up in a big way” in new marketing and communications efforts – namely social media from fear of change. Author: Jordan Viator.

10 Tips for Managing Social Media Burnout

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Don’t update your organization’s profiles on the weekend. If you work in an office, then when you leave for the day, leave the work in the office and don’t login to your organization’s profiles when you get home. I do use the Nonprofit Organizations Facebook Page for work. Tell her or him that it’s for the sake of the organization. Deep breathing helps you relax. Six months ago I came pretty close to complete social media burnout.

Google Media = Nonprofit Grants, Blogs, Video and Maps Galore

Connection Cafe

I must say, I was thrilled to see such a huge, powerful technology coming to not only support but evangelize their myriad programs offered at no cost to nonprofit organizations.

Socially enabling your mission – how nonprofits can benefit from online communities

Connection Cafe

Jeff Patrick shared some really interesting statistics about online community participation to help provide a high level view of what nonprofits can expect from user participation (note Holly Ross’ conclusion that everything seems to relate back to the Power Law !). I'm always looking for new nonprofit success stories and personal best practices, so if you have anything helpful to share with the community share here or on my Slideshare page

The 4 Must-Haves of a Successful Web site Redesign

Connection Cafe

You've probably got a deadline, you may have a budget, and of course you have stakeholders who are helping to drive the vision and will sign off on the finished product. Many organizations make the mistake of organizing their web site in a way that makes perfect sense to their staff or internal stakeholders, but is not ideal for the users of the site.

How can nonprofit organizations measure community engagement?

ASU Lodestar Center

Nonprofit organizations have the ability to connect and mobilize individuals. According to Frumkin (2002), nonprofit organizations are “ideal vehicles for foraging networks of weak ties that link people together.” 2009, May 1).

Present with me at the NTC!

Connection Cafe

If your organization is pinching pennies these days but you'd like to go, check out the scholarship program to help send qualified 501c3 staff. I've been asked to lead a session at this year's NTC conference in San Francisco (April 26-28). I'm honored to contribute because the NTC ( NTEN's annual get together) is the conference to attend for anyone working in the technology field for nonprofits.

5 Steps to a Successful Social Media Strategy

Amy Sample Ward

It isn’t something that lives in its own department, nor does it have staff that are separate from the rest of the organization. Evaluate your goals and objectives, as an organization. Identify the resources currently available within your organization.

Craigslist Foundation Bootcamp 2009

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Enjoyed my day in Berkeley yesterday at the Craigslist Foundation Bootcamp 2009. Lots of enthusiastic FB users in the audience helped make her points. Enjoyed Deb Jospin and Shirley Sagawa discussing the Charismatic Organization, their recent book.

HOW TO: Use Twitter Lists to Promote Nonprofits and Causes You Care About

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Twitter’s new Lists are a great way to organize your followers, and with a little intention and a dose of good will, Twitter Lists can also be used to promote your favorite nonprofits and the causes you care about. Personally, I am quite saddened by the rapid loss of wildlife around the world, so my “Favorite Nonprofits&# list has quite a few wildlife conservation organizations [ @diosacomm/ favoritenonprofits ]. and ask your followers to help support your Lists.

Can A Public Nonprofit Dashboard Be Your Organization's Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

And, they can be incredibly useful for helping leaders to focus attention on critical mission matters. An organization's dashboard is an internal report and the data not shared publicly (although NTEN shared its Dashboard spreadsheet template recently). .

Social Media in the Nonprofit Workplace: Does Your Organization Need A Social Media Policy?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

But, if an organization simply cuts and pastes a social media policy without the internal culture change, it won't be effective. Not only about the potential concerns and how to respond, but how the organization or its internal culture can embrace social media.

2009 eCampaigning Review Released

Amy Sample Ward

I also referenced the report in my latest presentation slides about social media use by individuals in nonprofit organizations.). Resources or capacity are still an issue - the big organizations do better with online actions. This isn’t really a surprise as bigger organizations naturally have more people/staff and time, technical capacity and so on (many groups working on advocacy have only a couple people vs a large organization with hundreds).

5 Key Metrics to Improve Your Email Campaigns


Offensive measurements like open, click, and conversion rates are useful for understanding how to improve your performance, while watching unsubscribe and hard bounce rates help to defend against bad emailing habits and an inadequate email sign-up process. This variable helps to understand the effectiveness of your messaging in the email. Monitoring your annual churn rate and the unsubscribe rate on each email helps with mid-course corrections. Jeff Patrick, Common Knowledge.

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Avoiding the Participatory Ghetto: Are Museums Evolving with their Innovative Web Strategies?

Museum 2.0

He spoke convincingly about how the dashboard and other efforts are helping the IMA become a more transparent, open place that respects and involves visitors in all aspects of the organization. I just got home from the Museums and the Web conference in Indianapolis.

10 Blog Content Ideas for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Tech for Good

in September of 2009, I had very low expectations. Not only that, blogging can dramatically transform search engine results for your organization, but that is another blog post. Blogging only about your organization and its work is a mistake.

10 Disruptive Technologies You Need to Think About


Virtualization helps reduce the number of servers used, decreasing power consumption. If you're a small nonprofit, you won't see a ton of cost savings, but it will add up for larger organizations. Network administration and help desk tasks are going to be a LOT easier.

2009 GreatNonprofits Youth Thrive Awards

Amy Sample Ward

The 2009 GreatNonprofits Youth Thrive Awards will recognize the top-rated youth-focused nonprofits. In the month of September, the small, medium, and large organizations with the most positive reviews will be featured on GreatNonprofits and Guidestar. Reviews show the real human impact of a nonprofits and raise the visibility and credibility of those organizations,” says GreatNonprofits CEO Perla Ni.

2009 Member Appreciation: Daily Member Prize Winner for 11/10


You and your organization will be receiving a copy of Google Analytics 2.0 , by Jerri Ledford and Mary Tyler, courtesy of the good folks at Jossey-Bass/Wiley. We hope this will help you and your org continue to put technology to use for your mission.

Raise Money on Facebook: Four Strategies You Need to Know About


As of September 2009, scores of Facebook applications have been developed to support the nonprofit sector in one way. According to the Facebook Causes blog , the application has helped raise more than $12 million for nonprofits based in the U.S. Over $5 million has been raised in 2009 alone. To help tech-savvy nonprofits make use of Facebook, this brief guide includes four strategies. The author updated this article in September 2009 as part of Mozilla Service Week.

ThePort Releases New Whitepaper to Help Nonprofit Organizations Evaluate Social Networking Software

AFP Blog

Press ReleaseThePort Releases New Whitepaper to Help Nonprofit Organizations Evaluate Social Networking Software: "Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 1, 2009 -- Social media solutions provider ThePort Network, Inc. The whitepaper discusses critical factors organizations must

New Orleans here I come! The Social Enterprise Summit 2009

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

I'm getting ready to head to the Social Enterprise Summit 2009 next month in New Orleans. Experienced practitioners tend to engage at levels above their specific organization. I'm especially excited about the significant focus on public policy and advocacy for social entrepreneurship.

5 Good Nonprofit Infographics

NonProfit Trends

Especially when they help reveal a lot of information in a visual format. World Giving Index Charities Aid Foundation looked at three different types of charitable behavior – giving money, giving time and helping a stranger and used the results to produce the “World Giving Index.&# nonprofits, coupled with the 10 major activity areas of charitable organizations to diagram the relative flow of money from each source to each activity area.

Moving away from “organizations” - to what?

Amy Sample Ward

That doesn’t help us communicate very well! The word most in question: “organization&#. When applying the idea of the traditional understandings of the word “organization&# to this bunch, we could say: Strawberries = the organization (staff).

Looking forward to NTC 2009

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Gather with folks and spend an exciting day peer-sharing about free and open source software in nonprofit organizations. And, you can help folks get to NTC ! I love NTC (NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference). I would be dishonest if I said I didn’t have a sweet reminiscence for the Circiut Rider Roundups of old. But they are long gone. As fields often do, ours grew up and professionalized.

Blog for Choice Day 2009

Connection Cafe

Today is Blog for Choice Day 2009 , an event organized by NARAL Pro-Choice America. This is the fourth annual such event and is meant to organize pro-choice bloggers to write about choice, raise the profile of reproductive rights, and educate their readers about the issue.

New Video Series Helps Exempt Organizations Understand Redesigned Form 990 Requirements | Planned Giving Design Center

AFP Blog

New Video Series Helps Exempt Organizations Understand Redesigned Form 990 Requirements | Planned Giving Design Center: "To help illustrate key points and answer important questions about the new Form 990, the IRS’ Exempt Organizations Division developed “The New Form 990: Getting Started,” a case study about a hypothetical organization – Exempt Organization for Disaster Relief (EODR

Social Media and the Performing Arts: Engagement First, Ticket Sales Second

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I've done a number of presentations and workshops for arts organizations over the years and have even created a wiki " Social Media for Arts People " with stories, links, and other resources, but haven't spoken to arts organizations recently.

Women Who Tech Telesummit: May 12, 2009

Amy Sample Ward

What happens when the most talented and innovative women in technology who work with non-profit organizations and political campaigns get together for the day to discuss the most relevant issues ranging from the Women in Open Source to Fighting Sexism in the Tech Sector? Details: Date: May 12, 2009. If you are interested in helping organize, host, or participate, please let me know!

Silos Culture Inside the Walls of Nonprofits Prevent Effective Social Media Use

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Sam shared a story that illustrates the barriers that many nonprofit organizations face in adopting social media and harnessing its power leading to successful outcomes. Does this sound like you and your nonprofit organization? Flickr Photo by Eqqman.