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#bbcon Just Took Over Austin, TX| Day 1 Recap

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And in each case, organizations have the choice to dig in their heels and fight to resist these changes or jump on board and figure it out.

Research Friday: What Affects Hispanic Volunteering - Comparing Three Surveys in the United States

ASU Lodestar Center

are foreign-born immigrants, and 70% are concentrated in seven states: California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, Arizona, and New Jersey.

[Book Interview] Nonprofit Example of Social Media Excellence: The Humane Society of the United States

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Organization: The Humane Society of the United States. Organization Size: 11 million supporters, 500+ staff. The least?

What To Do When Your Nonprofit Becomes The Target Of A Phishing Scam - Corporate/Commercial Law - United States

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Popular trademarks or trade names of nonprofits often are used to attract individuals to donate money or provide personal information by serving as means to create a false online identity" 'via Blog this

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#BBCON 2016| What’s in It for Arts & Cultural Organizations

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So I went ahead and picked out some of the top sessions for Arts & Cultural organization to make planning your conference journey just a little bit easier. Maximizing Engagement at Your Arts & Cultural Organization – Learn how you can move your visitors from “hello” to “I do” with a personalized journey for your supporters.

Guest Post: Infusing “Social” into Social Justice Organizations

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Infusing Social Into Social Justice Organizations – Guest Post by Daniel Jae-Won Lee, Executive Director of the Levi Strauss Foundation.

6 Ways to Keep Your Organization Secure

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The right combination of security tools can help your organization stay locked down without getting in the way of your other tasks. Think.

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Finding Your Perfect Love: Grant Writing Tips for Nonprofit Organizations

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million registered nonprofits in the United States. Grant writing is a lot like dating in college (I’m speaking from experience here).

Report: Rural-Based Organizations Receive Fewer Grants than Urban NPOs

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According to a report issued by the United States Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service, rural-based organizations received just 5.5

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What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know About Facebook’s New Fundraising Tools

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The new tools are only available to 501(c)(3) nonprofits located in the United States and you must complete a three-step application process.

2015 Charitable Giving Report: Fundraising Continues to Grow

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Both Environment and Animal Welfare nonprofits and International Affairs organizations experienced double digit online fundraising growth in 2015.

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A View of the Cloud from the United States

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This is a communique on the current state of cloud adoption in the United States from me, this time. states. Normal 0.

HSUS YouTube User-Generated Video Competition Grows List - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


After reviewing the user-generated content (UGC), two winners would emerge: one picked by HSUS and the other by members. Almost free. Donors?

Which Crowdfunding Platform Is Best for Your Organization?

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Amazingly, the organization has surpassed this goal and (as of this article) has raised $11,547. Kickstarter. Special Plan for Nonprofits: No.

The 2014 Charitable Giving Report

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The 2014 Charitable Giving Report includes 24 months of overall giving data from 4,798 nonprofit organizations representing more than $16.2

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Advocating Nonprofit Advocacy: The Myth That 501(C)(3)s Can’t Engage in Advocacy

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Organizations may, however, involve themselves in issues of public policy without the activity being considered as lobbying.  2005). 2008).

Social Media: Before You Get Started, Get Organized!

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Though most nonprofits in the United States, Canada and the U.K. Social Media: Before You Get Started, Get Organized! For example, the Latin America Work Group’s website is , but when the organization was setting up its profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, “lawg” was not available on all three sites.

The One-Size-Fits-All Donor Model Is so Last Century

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What really motivates giving is the level of education, wealth and income, and engagement with a cause, issue or charitable organization.

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February 11 Is National 2-1-1 Day!


Did you know that in 1997 the United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta was the first to introduce a 2-1-1 service?

Which Crowdfunding Platform Is Best for Your Organization?

Tech Soup Blog

Amazingly, the organization has surpassed this goal and (as of this article) has raised $11,547. Kickstarter. Special Plan for Nonprofits: No.

How Can My Nonprofit Get Started with Measurable Advocacy?

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How can advocacy make a measurable difference for your organization? San Francisco, California, United States: Jossey-Bass. [3] Kingdon, J.

Learning is Everything!


Education is absolutely essential to the millions of nonprofit organizations doing good work in the United States and abroad In my conversations with nonprofits over the past ten years, the single most important need isn’t simply more money or more staff (although those are always helpful)…it’s continued learning.

Did you know the Bronx Zoo is run by one of the oldest conservation organizations in the United States?

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This allows the organization to share content across their entire family of sites, lessening the administrative upkeep of content for their busy staff.   . And so is the NY Aquarium, Prospect Park Zoo, Central Park Zoo and the Queens Zoo.  Check it often because the map is growing! 

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ASU Lodestar Center Blog: How to Start a Nonprofit Organization.

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Disclaimer Wednesday, June 1, 2011 How to Start a Nonprofit Organization: Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Make the Leap posted by Robert Duea , Professional in Residence ASU Lodestar Center and Pat Lewis , Senior Professional in Residence ASU Lodestar Center So, youre thinking about starting a nonprofit organization. Thank you.

Why Individual Giving Strategies Often Don’t Work for Communities of Color

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” “Why, I knew this one organization that was struggling, and they decided focus on individual donors.

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Charitable Giving Grew to $373.25 Billion in the U.S. in 2015

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charitable giving and estimates sources of giving and amounts received by type of organization. reached $373.25 billion in 2015, a 4.1% growth.

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5 Steps to Optimize Conversion Rates After an Advocacy Action Alert

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Once this information is surfaced, your organization’s mission can be spread by asking your advocates to take action on your latest action alert.

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2014 Mid-Year Fundraising Trends

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The Blackbaud Index analyzes fundraising data from more than 4,200 nonprofit organizations in the United States based on $13.6

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10 Nonprofit Statistics You Have To See


Source ) 6.4% of all fundraising in the United States was from online giving in 2013. Image courtesy of Harvard. Source ).

Accessible eBooks for Equal Opportunity

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Kevin Leong was in kindergarten when he experienced an organic brain injury that forced him to relearn everything from walking to using the bathroom.

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Benetech: the Equilibrium Change Machine

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Even though I’m a Skoll Award winner, it really made me think about my organization, Benetech, and what we are trying to accomplish.

Five Reasons Why Every Nonprofit Needs a Sustained Giving Program

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Sustained giving. Recurring giving. Monthly giving. It doesn’t matter what you call it. Instead, it is considered unrestricted revenue. Register.

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Commercial Availability: The Poison Pill for Marrakesh Treaty Implementation

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Our experience successfully building Bookshare under the United States copyright exception, which has no such commercial availability limitation, informs this strong opinion. As an organization that puts this disability-specific copyright exception into practice, I can say with confidence that the U.S.

LinkedIn for Good Launches Board Connect for Nonprofits

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At this point the program is only available to registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofits based in the United States. Your day will come. 5.

With Respect to Abraham Lincoln, Not All Are Equal in Fundraising

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Giving USA reports (year-after-year; this is not new) that the bulk of money given to charity in the United States comes from individuals.

How the Alabama Eye Bank Runs Its Entire Organization on FileMaker

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Most organizations nowadays, TechSoup included, rely on their databases to do their work. The Alabama Eye Bank. at the Alabama Eye Bank.

12 Early Adopters of the.NGO and.ONG Domains

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United States. United States. United Kingdom. Think about that for a second or two. Australia. India. Brazil. Kenya.

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Will Overhead Sink Us?

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In recent months, it seems every conference and magazine, every blog and every water cooler conversation has eventually turned to overhead. For

Mobile Giving: How Your Organization Can Start Collecting Text Donations

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As disaster relief organizations across the country set out to raise funds for supplies and aid to Haiti, they turned to mobile phones and text messaging as a quick and easy way for people to give money. Text HAITI to 864833 to donate $5 to The United Way. Text CERF to 90999 to donate $5 to The United Nations Foundation.

An Experiment with Facebook Advertising for Nonprofit Organizations

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Thus, a $50 experiment with Facebook Advertsing for Nonprofit Organizations. My ad will target people: who live in the United States.