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People to People Fundraising [Free Webinar by Ted Hart]

Connection Cafe

Keys you will takeaways from Ted’s webinar are: What is People to People Fundraising? Ted Hart, ACFRE. Register here ! Register here !

Helping Nonprofits Helps You

ASU Lodestar Center

It shows a willingness to help the community in which you live in, and gives you a face out of a crowd of businesses. What makes you stick out?

How Will Tracking Outcomes Help Your Organization’s Story?

Connection Cafe

What is different for those people that our grants support?” How have our employees helped local charities where they live and work do more?

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Join Me: Help Good Take Over

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strive to help others join in. It became clear that we did understand that success could be had by helping the world, not dominating it.

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Everyday People Are Heroes: Using Big Data to Engage New Agents of Change Online

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Everyday People Are Heroes: Using Big Data to Engage New Agents of Change Online Guest Post by Cheryl Contee. Photo by CogdogBlog. Guest Post

Helping Students Discover Why Volunteering is Important


It’s time we start teaching young people that they can make a positive and lasting impact in their community and society-at-large

How to Influence People in Online Communities


code of conduct gives your community a direction and helps define its identity. ———————-. Be a Leader.

Infographic: Why People Use Social Media


As nonprofits invest more time into cultivating people on Facebook and followers on Twitter, this is helpful data to review.

How to Manage People Who Work Remotely

Tech Soup Blog

We've compiled some resources to help organizations better manage teleworkers. since 2005. That's where telework policies come in.

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#Buypens – Social Media and Crowdfunding Helps Syrian Refugee

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

It’s nice to see people come together and make a difference in another persons life.” Thank you to everyone who has supported this.

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How to Turn Regular People Into Fundraising Pro’s in 3.5 Minutes


The thing that turns regular people into fundraising pro’s. “Go and do Good!”. Training (Event Fundraisers). That’s right.

Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World


This book will help you change your organization, from the culture down to individual behavior, in ways that make it more human—and more effective.

The Talent Development Pipeline: Putting People First in Social Change Organizations

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Click To Get Your Copy Now! Heather Carpenter and Tera Wozniak Qualls, along with Alexis S. This may be a foreign concept in our sector.  Evaluation.

[Help spread the word!] SocialFish Job Board is Live!


Login here  and check out all the fabulous people who have applied! UPDATE  . So excited to announce that our job board is now live!!!!

The 2013 Rob Stuart Memorial Award: Invisible People, Mark Horvath


The 2013 Award Winner Invisible People uses the lens of a television camera to tell the stories of homelessness and the organizations trying to help.

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Samaschool Uses Tech to Empower Low-Income People

Tech Soup Blog

And when you don't you don't know how to do that … Our mission is to equip low-income people to succeed in the digital economy."

5 Ideas to Help You Take the Next Step with Your Online Visitors

Connection Cafe

program, a group consulting service that helps nonprofit organizations deepen constituent engagement and accelerate online fundraising. Prior

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The Future of CSR is People (Your People)

Connection Cafe

CSR’s future is our people. At Blackbaud, we combine technology and expertise to help organizations achieve their missions.

Help! My Nonprofit Needs A Data Nerd

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Help!  My Nonprofit Needs A Data Nerd! Look Within Your Walls: The first place to look is down the hall or ask at your next board meeting.

Five Ways to Help Your Nonprofit Learn from Feedback (and Earn More Funding Too!)

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Five Ways to Help Your Nonprofit Learn from Feedback (and Earn More Funding Too!) – Guest Post by Alison Carlman. Sounds obvious, right?

3 Tools and 5 Tips To Help Your Employees Master Social Employee Advocacy


Employee advocacy can help relieve them – all it takes is 5 minutes of your employees’ time. What is Employee Advocacy? Awesome Tools.

Tools to Help Grow Your Social Media Audience

NonProfit Hub

By doing so, you are putting your brand in front of people that you already know are going to like what you do. Crowdfire. Buffer. Trends Tabs.

Is social media helping you meet your mission? It can!

Amy Sample Ward

Most strategic plans include program area or service area specifics and you can use those to help frame why you use social media. So, add them!

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#1MilliForJadudi: A Crowdfunding Campaign in Kenya to help Cancer Patient

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Those people can provide “on-demand” help. In 2010, I had an opportunity to do a  Networked Nonprofit workshop in Kenya.

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Watching People Code: the Interesting Things We Learn

Beaconfire Wire

Using code tests, we get a sense of how evolved people’s skills are and how well they understand the technologies we need them to.

How Your Nonprofit’s e-Newsletter Can Help Retain Donors


Here are 6 ideas to help you get started retaining donors, and increasing your donations quickly and easily. Image courtesy of 2click.

How Online Fundraising, Gamification and Social Media Helped Raise over $2 Million Dollars in One Day


percent Facebook activation rate of people talking about the giving day—1,716 of the total 1,726 fans. It’s a day-to-day fact of life.

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I Would Dump Garbage On My Head If It Would Help a Nonprofit Reach 71,000 New Donors.

Connection Cafe

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been catching a lot of scrutiny. I get it— why would we be encouraging people NOT  to donate to charity?

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5 Ways Technology Can Help Your Nonprofit Do More Good


The way people give is constantly changing. People may care about your cause, but it doesn’t mean they will donate. So what drives them?

Give Local America: Getting People Excited About Giving Days

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Getting People Excited About Giving Days by Guest Post by Marika Lynch. This post was cross-posted on the Knight Foundation blog here.

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Using Design Thinking To Help Solve the Refugee Crisis at SXSW

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

It requires innovation and creativity from many people.   And the agency is using an  innovation platform   and design thinking to find solutions.

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Study: More People Donated to Charity in 2012 Than 2011


UK and Australian respondents were more likely to be driven by an innate desire to help. Check out the some of interesting data below.

Helpful Tips for Crowdfunding, Kickstarter and Nonprofits

NonProfit Hub

Kickstarter, one of the leading crowdfunding sites, is a great tool to help get the masses on board with a project your nonprofit is trying to launch.

Six Things Effective Leaders Do To Help Retain Employees

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Employee Retention Eric Jacobson on Leadership and Management Keeping The People Leigh Branham They do, however, cost time and effort.

QuickBooks Helps BITS Serve Struggling Youth

Tech Soup Blog

"It was so easy to understand and helps us tremendously," Veronika explains. " From Peer Mentor to Program Manager. spanhidden.

Is a Sub-Minimum Wage Fair to People with Disabilities? | The.

Vertex Systems

believe the vocational are a great job training tool for people with disabilities. There is quality control on everything delivered.  Follow Us!

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Please Donate to Help Nepal’s Earthquake Victims Now

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Please  donate to help Nepal’s Earthquake Victims now. It took me a day to realize I had missed the chance to report that I was safe.

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Conscious Computing: 7 Apps and Tips That Help You Focus, Reduce Stress, and Get Work Done

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Here are some of the tools that can help make better habits or break bad ones. 1. Here’s a guide to this useful productivity habit. 4.

Three Ways Mobile Apps Can Help Grow Your Community


Getting people to help support the cause you work with can be hard. Jared Sheehan. Chief Strategist. Pwrd By.

How Medium Can Help Your Nonprofit Tell Its Story


She says: Medium is basing discovery of your content on whether or not people have read it. Not hits, not sexy headlines.