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7 Secrets to Increasing Online Fundraising Results and Wowing Donors


Download the report now!  . The only vertical experiencing a decline from 2010 to 2011 was International Affairs organizations. Search engines?

How To Humanize Your Business


and Jamie and me! How To Humanize Your Business. Are you frustrated when your own social media efforts are thwarted by inter-departmental competition?

11 Excellent Examples of Nonprofit Avatars

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Absolutely not. Not have text that is too small to read. Be square. The eleven nonprofits below are good examples to model your avatar design upon.

Generation Rwanda: Two Stories

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The exhibition in the Museum has three main sections. Germaine:  A Social Entrepreneur. Favorite:   On A Mission To Help Children in Rwanda.

Top 4 Online Fundraising Tactics Your Nonprofit Can’t Live Without


Download the report now!  . Online donors contributed significant amounts, too. Retention, Retention, Retention. Learn from the Best! Learn from them.

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The New Mobile Normal & Three Easy Ways to Address It


Today’s guest post is from Tonia Zampieri. Tonia’s the Mobile Strategist for Atlantic Business Technologies. Say Hi on Twitter  @iheartcharity.

What does your 404 page look like?


Absolutely LOVE this short TED talk about 404 pages. What does yours look like? ——-. photo credit ). Content Strategy

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New Study: Donations Decline for Nonprofits


The full report is here. Paige spoke at a luncheon that Care2 sponsored of the Direct Marketing Association of Washington (DMAW). More key findings.

Need Answers: LinkedIn Has Them

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Need Answers:  LinkedIn Has Them – guest post by Geri Stengel. Yet, it is not one of the top five reasons nonprofits use social media.

Social Media Bechmarks for Smaller Organizations


Fancy databases? Too expensive. Up-to-date computers on a working network? Not enough tech savvy staff to keep it going. Focus. Not true.

The Future of Association Publishing


Thanks to Association Media & Publishing for this interesting video.  Do you have any thoughts about the future of publishing? You know we do.

Building a Culture of Experimentation

Museum 2.0

Note: the Blueprint book club will start next week. Sorry for the delay. It’s not every day you find a prototype in the bathroom. Last week, I sat down on a toilet in our museum and found myself looking at an interactive station intended to test a “Legends of the Stall” sign concept for the restrooms. And left, smiling. Rock on.

Akilah Institute for Women: Social Media Workshop

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Akilah workshop. View more presentations from Beth Kanter. worked with 39 young women between the ages of 18-30. Everyone was using Facebook.

11 Excellent Examples of Nonprofit Avatars

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Absolutely not. Not have text that is too small to read. Be square. The eleven nonprofits below are good examples to model your avatar design upon.

Overhead Is Like Cholesterol


This post is by Jacob Smith, co-author of the  The Nimble Nonprofit: An Unconventional Guide to Sustaining and Growing Your Nonprofit.

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PostPlanner tells you instantly what time of day to post on your Facebook Page

John Haydon

I’ve been recommending PostPlanner to many of my clients (and friends) for months now. How to view the best posting time in PostPlanner.

The Power of Thank You Letters

Connection Cafe

Author: Jonathan Weldon. There have been a number of posts recently about the power and importance of donor thank you letters. Color me impressed.

Summer Marketing Internship at Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot Blog

Here's a great internship opportunity for an up-and-coming marketing professional in Toronto’s growing technology sector. Wild Apricot is cloud-based membership software for small associations and nonprofits. Our marketing philosophy revolves

Tracing the Path of the Digital Learner


Check out this Google Insights study about Education Trends Through the Eyes of Your Customer. features of a school. Social Learning

Google Drive: Does It Matter?


TJ Rainsford. Chief Technology Officer. 501cTECH. Google Drive is still brand new and not without limitations, but its capabilities are pretty hard to ignore. That may sound like a big deal but organizations and individuals with Google accounts could do that already using Google Docs. So does Google Drive really matter? In short, the answer is yes!

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Seven Deadly Mobile Myths

Connection Cafe

Author: Lacey Kruger. While that’s probably the case with a lot of your mobile audience, it’s not always true.

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Packard OE Strategy Session: Laying Everything Out on the Table

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The learning in public (slides and resources  here ). Learning in Public Challenges and Actions. Learning in Public: To What End? cue sighs of relief*.

Social Business for B2B in Healthcare [case study]


Awesome. Case Study From the Trenches

On-Site Visit: United Way of Denver 2-1-1


While we have done this before, this was the first time we have visited their call center as an entire staff. Dr. W.

5 Easy ways to end up in a budget hole

Connection Cafe

Author: Miriam Kagan. Budgets. The mere mention of them can cause entire departments to suddenly come down with the flu. Plan for that. That's great!

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Going beyond counting likes and followers

John Haydon

An archer doesn’t aim at the point halfway between the arrow tip and the target. If she/he did, they would never hit the bullseye.

Human Motivation: The Forgotten Element in Our Theories and Practices


“ Companies that are afraid to commit to goals that lie outside the range of planning, ” Gary Hamel and C.K Association- (product or supply) centric.

Nonprofit Social Media Policy Workbook

Wild Apricot Blog

If you need to develop a social media policy, here's an overview of a great workbook and social media policy template from Idealware. social media

Let’s Tell Stories to Each Other


Those of us who work in the nonprofit, “make the world a better place” sector, talk a lot about good storytelling. That’s because the craft of storytelling is hard, and takes practice. When you get good at it, though, it can transform your communications and fundraising. What a tease! Check it out: [link]. Online Fundraising

Benetech’s New Image Description Tool Improves Accessibility of Graphical Content for Students with Print Disabilities

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Benetech has long been a pioneer in providing innovative services to people with print disabilities. This week, Benetech’s DIAGRAM Center has announced the release of an open source web application for creating and editing crowdsourced image descriptions in books used by students with print disabilities.

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It's Not Just What You Say, But How You Say It


Triggering the right emotions in viewers can help them connect with your issue on a more personal level. Trackback URL for this post: [link].

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What We All Can Learn About Membership From Ryan Crowe

Wild Apricot Blog

Here is an overview of an article by Patricia Hudson, who responds to a recent graduate's opinions about associations and offers some suggestions on how to become more responsive to members. membership Associations

Using Brand Archetypes to Find Your Voice (Like George Lucas Did)


It's an open secret that George Lucas based much of Star Wars on Joseph Campbell's The Hero with a Thousand Faces. By using archetypes, Lucas tapped into something elemental in human psychology and created a cultural phenomenon. So, why don't we try the same thing? How to find which archetype best matches your organization.

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A Recipe for $uccess: Tracking & Converting for Maximum Results


So you've acquired them. Now what?! Converting new subscribers to donors of course depends on the RIGHT communication strategy; but maximizing the return on your online constituency growth investment depends on the RIGHT data and the RIGHT interpretation. Do you have a plan? Do you know what to look for? and what it all means? Care2 Webinars