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Nonprofit Logo Design: A Simple 3 Step Process


Every brand designer I know has worked with a client who created their own logo at least once in their career. No exceptions. Nobody needs to know.}.

Dissociation: Associations and the Reality of Irrelevance


I was talking with the Empress of Socialfish herself, Maddie Grant, trying to plan out my Social, In Theory topic. ” Is that what that is? Is it?

Free Webinar on June 6! 10 Common Mistakes Nonprofits Make in Social Media

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Date:  Wednesday, June 6, 2012. Time:  1pm-2:30 EDT. Cost:  Free. How to Register:   Sign up! Presented By:  Heather Mansfield. Webinars

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Scrappy VS Strategic: Is there a generational divide in nonprofits around how to innovate using new technology?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Photo by Ceclcia Aros. Scrappy VS Strategic – Guest Post by Daniel Ben-Horin. Thanks, Beth, for asking me to write about this conversation here.

Revenue, Retention and Reactivation: Findings from the 2011 Index of Higher Education Fundraising Report


Download the report now!  . Overall, like other fundraising areas, Higher Education fundraising is bouncing back to pre-recession levels.

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Free Webinar on June 6! 10 Common Mistakes Nonprofits Make in Social Media

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Date:  Wednesday, June 6, 2012. Time:  1pm-2:30 EDT. Cost:  Free. How to Register:   Sign up! Presented By:  Heather Mansfield. The Social Web has dramatically changed how nonprofits communicate with supporters, donors, and volunteers. This webinar cuts through hype and demonstrates clearly where the ROI is from social media – and where it is not.

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Why Should You CARE?

Connection Cafe

Author: Karoline McLaughlin. We all have a desire to be connected, to know that what matters to us most is something others also care about.

What is Nonprofit Storytelling And Why is it So Important?

John Haydon

Stories are the heart and soul of your organization. But stories are also the most tool you have to get people to take action! What makes a good story?

Find the Charlie’s, Justine’s, and Edna’s in your network

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The  slides are here. His points were: Each person does a little, the community does a lot. Charlie the Artist. He creates eBay charity page.

The Social Executive


Social business is good business. But don’t just take our word for it. “Access to communities and networks improve efficiency and quality.”

Building Community Bridges: A "So What" Behind Social Participation

Museum 2.0

Last Friday, I witnessed something beautiful at my museum. On the third floor, they sat down in our creativity lounge and started making collages.

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No Losers Allowed in the Fundraising Game


Somehow, in our age, fundraising became a win-or-lose game for people and organizations trying to do some good in their communities.

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Twive and Receive Approaches 100 Cities with Two Months to Go

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Twive and Receive Approaches 100 Cities with Two Months to Go Guest Post By Geoff Livingston. Only one nonprofit per city will be allowed to compete.

8 Ideas for Social Media Rewards

Connection Cafe

Author: Kent Gilliam. This place was always a magical place of learning for me! Thirty-something years later was no different. Social Reward Ideas. 1.

The 2012 Field Guide to Software for Nonprofits


PublishDate: April 2012. How do you choose software for your nonprofit? That’s why we created the Idealware Field Guide to Software for Nonprofits.

Why Monthly Giving Rules!


Why is monthly giving so critical to nonprofits? Seven Key Reasons Why Monthly Giving Rules! Increases income. Builds better relationships. Savings.

@NonprofitOrgs is now following 100,000 Nonprofits, Nonprofit Staff, and Nonprofit Service Providers!

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Every morning I begin my day with browsing those that have followed  @NonprofitOrgs from the previous morning before. then follow in return those that are nonprofits, nonprofit staff, or nonprofit service providers and today I followed my 100,000th nonprofit: Furry Feet Rescue in Walnut Port, PA ( @FurryFeetRescue ). Twitter

5 Workplace Volunteer Coordination Tips

Connection Cafe

Author: Amber Wobschall. Most of my posts are written for the non-profit audience, but this month, I’m taking a different approach.



Don’t let this be you. AAACETweet i want to join your association, but have a problem with your lack of a social media presence. — Will Deyamport, MSEd (@peoplegogy) April 17, 2012. Potluck Social Learning

Telling Your Story Through Your Annual Report

Wild Apricot Blog

Here are some tips and examples of how to tell your organization's story to make your annual report more engaging and compelling. Non-profit Communications annual reports

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Upcoming Webinar on April 26: Finding Funders for Your Cause

Tech Soup Blog

As you may recall, last month we held a webinar with the Foundation Center titled Mapping Philanthropy: How You Can Use Data Visualization to Do Good.

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Don't Want to be All By Myself

Connection Cafe

Author: Sally Heaven. Let's start off this blog post with a confession: I was supposed to post this yesterday. Well, I think that technology can help.

2012 PANO Annual Conference

Amy Sample Ward

Date : April 16-17, 2012. Location : Harrisburg, PA. Topic : Using Social Media to Tell Your Story and Raise Funds. Description : Is social media helping you reach your organizational goals and meet your mission? Is it even helping you raise money to support your work? Related Links : PANO Conference. Session slides. eNonprofit Benchmarks Report.

Introducing Groundwire and Groundwire Consulting, Inc.


These are exciting times. Going green is no longer just for a small fringe group. Moms and dads everywhere care about what they are putting on, in and around their families. People are becoming interested in energy-saving (and money-saving) households. Groundwire Consulting. Technical discovery. Implementation.

Celebrating the Value of Volunteering

Wild Apricot Blog

It's National Volunteer Week - here are some thoughts on unique ways to celebrate with and recognize volunteers. national volunteer week Volunteers

Banner Banter

Connection Cafe

Author: Emily Goodstein. know, I know. You’re not sure what to put in that big open space at the top of the new Facebook layout. Cute, right?

Does Your Nonprofit Have A Content Marketing Strategy?

John Haydon

You understand that there’s more to engagement than simple small talk. ” . Share Our Strength plans to  End childhood hunger by 2015.

Reliability of Resources: The 2012 Field Guide to Software for Nonprofits


That got me thinking about where I get my information, and how much I trust it--or how much I should trust it. Where do you turn for your information?

Pinterest: The Next Big Thing for Nonprofits (or Just Digital Scrapbooking)?


What are your thoughts about Pinterest? I've heard a lot of opinions about it over the last few weeks, from "It's just digital scrapbooking (get over it)" to "Pinterest can replace your blog!" As with most tools, the truth lies somewhere in between – depending on your goals. and Orkut and Friendster never really caught on. Know your audience.

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TechCocktail Features the Mobile Marketing Revolution

Mobile Commons

TechCocktail, a website dedicated to emerging technology and innovation, just had a great book preview of Jed Alpert’s new book, The Mobile Marketing Revolution: How Your Brand Can have a One to One Conversation with Everyone. ” Read the post, and check out the book excerpt, here. All Posts Blog Press

7 Ways to Be the Programmer No One Hates

Beaconfire Wire

Note: this post was originally published on the PBS MediaShift blog. Photo by Flickr user dougwoods and used with Creative Commons license. ” 6.

4 Ways To Make Your Executive Coaching Experience More Successful

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Find someone to push and challenge you. To encourage you and to hold you accountable. Be aware of your company's expectations. Get your money's worth.

Top 5 Volunteer Posts on Apricot Jam

Wild Apricot Blog

It's National Volunteer Week - so here's a round-up of the Top 5 Volunteer Posts we've bookmarked in Apricot Jam. national volunteer week Volunteers Apricot Jam

App Resources for Nonprofits and Libraries

Tech Soup Blog

There's a lot that an app can do for you. But getting started can be overwhelming. What apps are already out there? Green Apps. Library Apps.