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Why Online Donors are Worth More than Offline Donors [INFOGRAPHIC]


The majority of giving still comes from offline channels, but online fundraising continues to be a significant source for  acquiring new donors.

Google+ Page Tips for Nonprofits


I admit I was a bit skeptical when I got an email from a Google rep offering to help set up a Google+ page for ASHA.

How To Use Facebook Metrics To Give Your Audience the Content They Want Most

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Source: Uploaded by user via Beth on Pinterest. Virility. Content Analysis of Comments on post and shares. But how do you [.]

11 Must-Follow Nonprofits on Pinterest

Nonprofit Tech for Good

With 10.4 million registered users, Pinterest hit the 10 million-user benchmark last week making it the fastest growing website ever.

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2011 Online Giving Trends


Blackbaud released its 2011 Online Giving report today. billion in total fundraising from 1,560 nonprofits. Smaller nonprofits grew 12.8%

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Online Fundraising and 3 Reasons to Start a Recurring Gift Program


Guest post by Bill Connors , author of Fundraising with The Raiser’s Edge: A Non-Technical Guide. The concept of recurring gifts is simple.

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Why Can’t We Define Public Relations?


[LONG POST ALERT!]. By way of illustration, let’s summarize that conversation for a minute. But it’s doing us a huge disservice. Enter PRSA.

Reporting Social To Stakeholders

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Flickr Photo by ESML. Reporting Social To Stakeholders: Guest Post by Meg Biallis. Influence the decision makers. Quantify what you’re looking for.

Infographic: Measuring the Impact of Social Media


Ever since social media was deemed the coolest communications channel on the block, nonprofits are continuing to question what kind of impact social media has on their bottom line. Survey results also showed that: 97% of marketers believe that social media marketing benefits their business. 75% of marketers plan to increase media spending this year.

Are you on the Mobile Bandwagon?

Connection Cafe

Author: Sally Heaven. Mobile is a growing trend that just won't quit. Is your organization ready? And I've never looked back. take my phone everywhere.

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Why this PRSA situation is important.


PR does have an image problem — it DOES need to be redefined, or we risk losing the term all together. Don’t! Go back to the drawing board!”

How After Action Reviews Can Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Source: via Beth on Pinterest. The process is simple.   You ask and answer these questions: What was the intent? What actually happened?

What NOT to Pin on Pinterest

John Haydon

Here’s another guest post from my awesome friend Noland Hoshino , who catapults nonprofits and small businesses into the social good space.

Romancing the Donor

Connection Cafe

Author: Cheryl Black. But we all know that you can’t build a relationship on one day of hearts and roses. The same is true for donors. Program.

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Paull Young of charity:water on making nonprofit waves in a digital ocean


A quick recap of today’s #SmartCMO chat (2/17/12) with Paull Young of Charity:Water.

Social Media: An Ingredient to the Event Planning Recipe for Nonprofits


When is the last time your nonprofit spent months planning a fundraising event? Did your organization use social media to help promote it?

Observations and Reflections on #TakeBackThePink

Amy Sample Ward

On January 31st, the social web erupted with status updates, images, and more in response to the Associated Press report that the Susan G.

2011 Online Giving Trends

NonProfit Trends

Blackbaud released its 2011 Online Giving report today. billion in total fundraising from 1,560 nonprofits. Smaller nonprofits grew 12.8%

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Social Media, Journalism and “The News Will Find Me”


The awesome Debra Askanase of Community Organizer 2.0 Is this a likely future trend?” READ DEBRA’s FULL POST ABOUT THE PRESENTATION HERE.

What I'll be doing for Lent

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Over the past few years, I have had an interesting relationship to Lent. As a Unitarian Considering Christ (or, as my spiritual co-conspirator Joellynn Monahan says "Universalist Chillin' with Christ",) Lent has never been about penitence. For me, repentance is a practice that has to happen all year long. Some years, I take away things. Tweet

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Social Media for Social Good: 3 Secrets to Raising Big Bucks Online


Frank Barry. Director, Professional Services. Blackbaud. What's the thing that separates the top 1% social fundraisers from the rest of the pack, and how can any nonprofit, large or small, put big numbers on the board? . Social Media Strategy Communications Fundraising

Great reads from around the web on February 15th

Amy Sample Ward

I come across so many great conversations, ideas, and resources all over the web every day. Here are some of the most interesting things I’ve found recently (as of February 15th). You can join the conversations in the comments, or click through to the original posts to find what others are saying. Do we know what we’re talking about?

Facebook Goes Public. What now?


Facebook Goes Public. What now? View more presentations from Publicis Modem UK. Remember it? What now? View more presentations from Publicis Modem UK.

Crypto is Not Broken

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

By Patrick Ball On 14 February 2012, the New York Times reported that a Swiss team had found a weakness in a key algorithm used to make secure connections online. We were worried because the algorithm (called RSA) is also a central part of Martus , our self-encrypting database that backs itself up to a network of servers. How did this happen?

How to Find the Right Medium and Channels for Online Storytelling


Rob Wu. Founder. CauseVox. Everyone knows when they hear, watch, or read a good story. We know how to identify one, but how do you create one? Stories are powerful. From the beginning of humanity, stories have been how we make sense of the world, share wisdom, and explain our existence. It’s used to start movements and create social change.

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A Few Good Tools for Video Editing


PublishDate: February 2012. Author: Kyle Henri Andrei. Before the digital revolution, videos—like still photographs—were actually shot on film. Editing them involved cutting out individual frames and splicing the filmstrip back together, a tedious and expensive process that resulted in lots of little plastic squares on the cutting room floor. link].

2011 Q4 Review: SocialFish Clients and Work


It’s time for our quarterly recap of what we’ve been working on. So here’s the review of what we got up to in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Five Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Freak Out About Facebook Timelines for Brands (Which are Coming Soon)

John Haydon

A few weeks ago I wrote about why you should stop obsessing about when Facebook Pages get the new Timeline layout. What’s that?

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How Do You Celebrate Reaching 10,000 Fans on Facebook?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

What better to celebrate than with an interview with Kim Murray who became the 10,000th fan. 1. Tell us about yourself! Words of wisdom about blogging?

Getting More Social in 2012

Wild Apricot Blog

Here are some resources for organizations just getting started with social media. social media

The Secret to Achieving Three Times Better Fundraising Results [Infographic]

Tech Soup Blog

Frank Barry is a digital and online marketing strategist at Blackbaud. He's spent close to ten years helping nonprofits be more. What do you think?

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Fundraising is not transactional (video)

John Haydon

Social media has not changed fundraising. Asking for money still requires steadily building relationships over time.

5 Ways to Use Mobile to Increase Giving

Mobile Commons

Mobile messaging can be a powerful and effective way to raise money. But there’s more to mobile fundraising than a text to give campaigns. Below are five ways to use mobile to increase your revenues. 1) Text to Give. Text to give is the most well known form of mobile giving.  Make it even simpler for them to donate to your organization.

Love your Techies: Send Them to the 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conferenece


We love our techies. We also love the Nonprofit Technology Conference. As it turns out, lots of you feel the same way. Just tag it #luvnptech.

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