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Event Fundraising Contests That Will Blow Your Mind!!


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See, Say, Feel, Do: Metrics for Social Media

Amy Sample Ward

I am a big fan of actionable metrics. If the numbers you are tracking don’t give you an action, how valuable are they? What do you think?

Facebook Brand Pages: How To Be Ready

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Source: Mari Smith. Tomorrow’s  event is invite only, but it will be live streamed   here. Here they are: 1. link]. Tips Tools and Tactics

Why Communities of Practice are the Key to the Future


How do you maintain the integrity of the organization while embracing the chaos beyond? Social learning  is what flows on these networks.”

The #1 Reason You Need a Recurring Giving Program and 3 Expert Examples


The #1 Reason to Start a Recurring Giving Program. What’s the #1 Reason you need a recurring giving program, you ask? Let’s take a look.

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Using Pinterest to Drive Social Commerce


Have you heard of it? If you haven’t, you’ve been living under a rock! So, instead of stopping at 101 tactics, we are forging ahead. Enjoy!

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11 Donate Now Best Practices for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The following is an excerpt from  Chapter 1  of   Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits.  Pundits and bloggers in the nonprofit sector often lament the inability of social media to raise money for nonprofits. It’s true that Web 2.0 Make Sure Your Nonprofit’s Information in GuideStar Is Current. Launch a Sustainer Program.

Tips and Cheat Sheets To Help Your Nonprofit Plan and Implement FB Brand Page Changes

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Facebook made it official today on the Today Show no less. Here’s my suggestions: 1. Take the Tour. Mashable has this post.

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How To Get Engagement in Your Online Education


What trends are you seeing in live online education? What are effective ways to build engagement through live, online educational experiences?

Online Community Organizing: Start small, think big!

Amy Sample Ward

Quite the opposite! The other interviews include Sylwia Presley from Gobal Voices , and Claire Sale from NetSquared. But the opt-in is essential.

Supporting Artists With Disabilities

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

For the past ten years, Benetech’s Bookshare library has provided accessible books for people with print disabilities. You can too!

How To Put Social Fundraising On Steroids: Community Giving Days

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How To Marry Social Media with Fundraising. View more presentations from Beth Kanter. Cultivate and cheer on champions for your cause. Fundraising

6 Steps for Getting Started with Social CRM for Membership Orgs


Here’s my slide deck from the presentation I gave this week at the Avectra Users and Developers Conference. identifying influencers.

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Pinterest or Delicious: Social Bookmarking Coming back as Digital Curation

Amy Sample Ward

Lately, we’ve watched as images – from photos to infographics – have taken over the web. Stick with me. Sharing is Caring.

How to Convert Your Facebook Page Over to the New Timeline Layout (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

John Haydon

As you may know by now, Facebook Pages will automatically migrate over to a completely new format on March 30th. Add a cover image to your site.

Where Do People Turn to for Election and Political News?


Folks, as you may know, I've been doing a lot of work with good orgs who are doing factchecking work and voter protection.

Social Business Trends and Next-Gen Ecosystems


Summit (apparently not the same as the Enterprise 2.o Enjoy. Enterprise 2.0 View more presentations from Dion Hinchcliffe.

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New on SSIR: Can Giving Days Strengthen Your Community?

Amy Sample Ward

My latest post on the Stanford Social Innovation Review blog is now up. Training. Just as organizations (usually!) Benefits.

Free Non-profit Webinars for March 2012

Wild Apricot Blog

Here's our monthly round-up of free non-profit webinars for March, 2012. Check out the 27+ webinars we found this month. webinar Wild Apricot

Blog Tips to Boost Your Web Traffic


Did you know that there are over 156 million public blogs, according to Wikipedia. How do you make your blog stand out? Frogloop's got you covered.

Bridging Social Technologies and Sustainable Development: Social Squared

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: E arlier this month,  the Stanford Center for Social Innovation, hosted the USRIO 2.0 conference  (Rio+2.0: Civil Society 2.0

Why We Wrote an Exhibition Philosophy

Museum 2.0

Last month, MAH curator Susan Hillhouse and I sat down and wrote an exhibition philosophy for our museum.

Hosting Harkin at the Hub

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Senator Harkin is a longtime advocate for people with disabilities. history, but the work ensuring equality of opportunity is far from over.

Meet Nikhil Kumar

Connection Cafe

Author: Corey Pudhorodsky. Nikhil Kumar. This month's interview with a Convio employee is with Nikhil Kumar, our Vice President of Service Delivery.

Seven Ways to Get More Website Traffic From Your Facebook Page

John Haydon

But have you optimized your Facebook Page for this purpose? You optimize your info tab for viewers by writing compelling copy for your info tab.

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Using Accents in SMS Text Messages

Mobile Commons

Mobile Commons works with some of the most inspiring Hispanic organizations in the country, including Reform Immigration 4 America , , the National Alliance for Hispanic Health , the National Hispanic Media Coalition , and many others. None of the characters have the appropriate accent marks. Accents in International Text Messages.

Latest Issue of NTEN:Change is Live: Myth-Busting, Everyday Innovation, Case-Studies, Confessions, and More


Has it been a year already since we launched NTEN's quarterly digital journal for nonprofit leaders?

Lessons Learned From Social Fundraising Contests


A new report is out today that explores the impact of Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington , which was held for the first time in November. There are some great takeaways for nonprofits thinking abut social fundraising and communities considering organizing giving day events of their own.

All Facebook Pages Will Be Upgraded to Timeline Layout on March 30th

John Haydon

Facebook has announced that all Pages will be upgraded to the new Timeline layout on March 30th. Highlights and Features of the new Page Layout.

Nonprofit Marketing Wisdom Guide

Wild Apricot Blog

Here's a look at the Nonprofit Marketing Wisdom Guide for 2012 - from Nancy Schwartz. It offers tips and advice from more than 200 non-profit colleagues. Non-profit Communications

Mobile Fundraising Options for Nonprofits


Luke Lightfoot. Marketing and Client Services. UR Mobile. What are the pros and cons for the various mobile options available to nonprofits? The mobile demands being placed on organizations by consumers are not limited to the for-profit sector; they are also being placed on nonprofit organizations. Mobile nptech nten Web Sites Fundraising

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A Guide to the 2012 NTC for Nptech Experts & Drupal Dorks


Johanna Bates is an independent consultant specializing in technology strategy and Drupal website development for nonprofit organizations, and a friend of Idealware. She works with other experts in the field to help nonprofits build websites, use technology thoughtfully and communicate clearly. Are you attending or contributing to 2012 NTC?

Everything You Need to Know About Posting as a Brand and Posting as a Person on Facebook

John Haydon

Facebook allows you to do certain things when logged in as a Person (Profile) and as a Brand (Page). Reply to comments on your Page as a Page.

Will the Internet make us brilliant or shallow? | MNN - Mother Nature Network

AFP Blog

Will the Internet make us brilliant or shallow? | MNN - Mother Nature Network : Dire predictions According to the Elon University Imagining the Internet Center and the Pew Internet Project, which conducted the survey, the technology expert split is closer to 50-50 on whether the rise of the Internet is a boon or a bane.