Thu.May 10, 2012

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More Effective Nonprofit Websites in 2 Simple Steps (part 2)


Part two of our four part series on Effective Nonprofit Websites. — “The Web is a world of first impressions, and quick ones at that. 

Defining the Need for Middle-Level Thinking


Associations seem to be very good at high-level thinking. They love their vision statements and mission statements. They love their action plans.

4.8 billion reasons for a mobile site

Connection Cafe

Author: James Burden. Last week an important anniversary crept by — barely noticed. The humble SMS had its 20th birthday. With 4.8 billion).

Site 43

Facebook Fails are Mounting


Despite the media frenzy over Facebook’s  impending IPO , all isn’t 100% rosy for Facebook. Who could have called that one?

Seven Secrets to Getting More Donors


Fundraising is your nonprofit’s lifeblood; it fuels the impact you make. How can you attract more donors? There’s good news.

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7 Secrets to Getting Donors – Free Video Series

Wild Apricot Blog

If you'd like some expert advice on gaining confidence and getting donors, you might want to check out a free 7-part video series. Fundraising Video

How to Promote Your Facebook Page With Facebook Ads (Video Tutorial)

John Haydon

Facebook ads are an incredibly powerful tool to promote your Facebook Page or your Facebook Page updates. Increase engagement with your current fans.

How Much Coffee Did We Drink? The 2012 NTC By the Numbers


In the interest of maintaining transparency (and fueling our nerd fire), we thought we would give everyone more of what we all love: data!

Online Community Meetup Recap: The Human-Centered Aspects of Community Management

Tech Soup Blog

In April, the Online Community Meetup welcomed Marc Siegel , manager of customer and community at IgniteGT / Simraceway. Seed a Community.

What will the Blackbaud-Convio Merger Mean? - NPQ – Nonprofit Quarterly - Promoting an active an engaged democracy.

AFP Blog

What will the Blackbaud-Convio Merger Mean? - NPQ – Nonprofit Quarterly - Promoting an active an engaged democracy. : One of the most significant mergers in the realm of nonprofit technology in recent years is now in the books.

Children’s Hospital Oakland’s Mobile Health Campaign Sends Safety Tips in English and Spanish

Mobile Commons

Children’s Hospital Oakland has been providing exceptional medical care to children in the Northern California region for almost 100 years.

Speeches that don’t make our eyes glaze over

Beaconfire Wire

We’ve all listened to speeches or heard presentations that have made our eyes glaze over, if not put us right to sleep. Include them by asking questions, giving them a quiz, ask them to imagine something, etc to keep them involved. And the other suggestions really make sense.  Presentations

New Study Shows How Mobile Reminders Can Help HIV+ Patients

Mobile Commons

A new study out of Howard Brown Health Center shows that daily text message reminders helps HIV+ patients adhere to their medications. The 24-week study took a group of HIV+ patients, aged 14-29, with documented poor adherence to their antiretroviral therapy (ART). Participants could text back 1 if they took their medication and 2 if they did not.

HTML5: Quick and Explainer

Beaconfire Wire

As I’m going through our most recent site build I’m converting a lot of <div>s to <section> or <article> in templates being reused from past projects and I thought a little explanation may be useful for our devlopers to know why things are changing out from under them. When you think about it, this is really cool.

Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together: Free Email Marketing Webinars from Blackbaud and Constant Contact


Our friends over at Blackbaud, in association with Constant Contact, have been running a great series on email marketing, Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together. And I know how you feel about free resources

Developing a Cloud Migration Strategy, Part 2: Process, Costs & Things to Consider


Matthew Eshleman. Director of Professional Network Services. Community IT Innovators. The promise of the cloud is that you don't have to worry about servers anymore. The reality of the cloud is that you have a lot of other things to think about.