Thu.Jun 07, 2012

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Boost Online Fundraising with Mid-Year Revenue Spikes


Download the report now!  . Staggering, but not news. Key takeaway. For a large portion of the nonprofit sector December is a critical time of year.

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The Unexpected Benefits From Content Curation

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

More about that later.   But I have some exciting news! There’s a cool infographic included – of course! Content

E-books for Social Strategy

Connection Cafe

Author: Seth Merritt. books and e-readers are a growing part of the attention ecosystem. Long-form journalism is finding new legs through social recommendation (#longform, #longreads) and time-shifting apps. Who is reading? Owners of e-reading devices have similar profiles to audiences most nonprofits are trying to reach for fundraising.

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How To Plan a Successful Hybrid Program


Hybrid events are changing. They began as an alternative way to connect a remote audience to a live, in-person event.  Here’s an example.

What Is The Cloud Anyway?

Wild Apricot Blog

"The Cloud" may be the "phrase du jour" but what does it mean? Here is some clarification and examples of cloud computing. nonprofit technology; cloud

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Book Highlights: The Art Of Being Unreasonable

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Early on in Eli Broad's new book, The Art of Being Unresaonable , he reminds us of the power of a child's instinctive asking, " Why not?

Lame spams of the day: LinkedIn phishing

Robert Weiner

The recent theft of passwords from LinkedIn prompted me to post these spams masquerading as messages from that firm. The first one made no attempt beyond the Sender name to look like it came from LinkedIn. The others made a minimal attempt to look like a LinkedIn message and all look like they came from the same source. CURRENT STATUS: CANCELLED.

Nonprofits Live: User-Generated Content Recap

Tech Soup Blog

We welcomed the following experts: Amy Sample Ward , Membership Director of the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN). Welcoming User-Generated Content.

Visual Thinking: A Challenge for Our Sector


Emily Comisar. Manager of National Projects. NEXT: A Division of Birthright Israel Foundation. Conveying ideas through imagery doesn't have to involve the expertise of a trained designer. The basic tools are already in our arsenal: circles, squares, arrows, even smiley faces.

Is Social Media Right for Your Organization?

AFP Blog

Is Social Media Right for Your Organization? Last month, an anonymous reader asked this question in response to "Who's in Charge of Communications These Days?" WHAT ARE WE TO DO? Wow," we thought, "great question." And then we turned around and posed it to the article's author and four other nonprofit social media leaders. Here's what they said

Get Shredded Over Text Message with Jillian Michaels

Mobile Commons

Fitness guru Jillian Michaels is jump-squatting out of the pages of magazines and right into your mobile phone.

4 Ground Rules of Facebook Fundraising : Page 1 of 2 : FundRaising Success

AFP Blog

4 Ground Rules of Facebook Fundraising : Page 1 of 2 : FundRaising Success : The following is based on the Derrick Feldmann's session, "4 Ground Rules of Facebook Fundraising — Hint: Fundraising is Not the Primary Goal," which he presented yesterday afternoon at the AFP TechKnow ConferenceOpens in a new window in Orlando, Fla

Nonprofits Live: Gaming Recap

Tech Soup Blog

Gaming was the focus of this edition of Nonprofits Live (NPLive). Our featured gaming experts were: Michelle Byrd, co-president of Games for Change.

Virtual game of life | Bangkok Post: business

AFP Blog

Virtual game of life | Bangkok Post: business : Lessons learned in the world of video shoot-em-ups and simulations, it turns out, could have some powerful practical applications in the game of life. The belief has given rise to a new field of research, which the IT industry has dubbed "gamification".

Nonprofits Live: DIY Blogging Recap

Tech Soup Blog

As part of TechSoup's do-it-yourself month, Nonprofits Live (NPLive) featured a discussion of blogging. Will Coley , founder of Aquifer Media.

Get Yourself Connected (in the Field): Know Your Options


It doesn't do much good to send staff out into the field with the latest gadgets if they can't get connected. Keith Robertory, Disaster Services Technology Manager for the American Red Cross, will walk you through the options at our upcoming webinar, "Nonprofit Field Work Connectivity Options". nptech nten