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How To Decipher What Donors Really Want

Connection Cafe

What do donors really want? Or, it leads to endless surveys which often tell us what donors wish they did, not what they really do.

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Sharing Your Story: How to Engage Donors with the Philanthropic Impact of Their Gift

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But how can you ensure that donors are primed to give during the holiday season? Which of these ideas will you try for your donors?

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Donor Retention: The Easiest Money You’ll Ever Raise

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And it’s all about our donors , the ones who are deserting us. Roughly one out of every two donors renewed their gifts last year.

How to Broadcast Your Impact with Facebook Live

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Facebook Live is a feature that lets any Page live-broadcast events, breaking news, interviews, and more. Donor receives a timely thank you.

4 Ways to Stand Out and Boost Donor Retention

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According to Foundation Center , there are just 12 items on the checklist for beginning a nonprofit organization. So we look for shortcuts.

Growing your Members and Donors with the Power of Data

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FacebookFacebook is by far the easiest and most intuitive place to start digital marketing. Even better. Strategies for the Beginner.

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Five Words that Speak Volumes to Your Donors

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There’s a trend at more and more nonprofits to not receipt donations.  So, what does this have to do with fundraising? .

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Amplify Your Voice with Facebook Ads

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The nonprofit advantage comes from the fact that content that people engage with on Facebook (like, share, comment on, etc.) Nonprofits!

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15 Techniques Used by Top Nonprofits to Boost Donor Acquisition and Online Fundraising Results

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Online fundraising has also proven to be an extremely effective donors acquisition vehicle. 13) Give Donors Something Nice. Tweet It] !

Are Nonprofits Now “Stuck” With Facebook?

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Perhaps you saw last month’s news that Facebook posts are now reaching just 6% of fans ? An Ogilvy & Mather analysis of 100+ brand pages found the organic reach of Facebook posts has declined 49% since October. Facebook admitted an impending drop-off in organic reach last December. Please share them below.

How Did This Nonprofit Facebook Video Go Viral?

John Haydon

It seems that more and more Facebook users and organizations are publishing videos on Facebook. appeared first on John Haydon.

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3 Fundraising Experts Sound off on Donor Retention from the Donors Perspective

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How do your donors feel about you? Better yet, it seems like a good question to ask your donors once in a while! After that get involved. 

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How Many of Your Donors Use Facebook? Here’s Your Answer!

John Haydon

Don’t assume that all your supporters use Facebook. billion people using Facebook and that over 40% of Americans login every day.

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The Biggest Facebook Mistake Most Nonprofits Make

John Haydon

This is particularly the case with Facebook, where friends always (100% of the time) come first. Why it’s not about you. —-.

What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know About Facebook’s New Fundraising Tools

Nonprofit Tech for Good

The new Facebook Fundraising Tools could be a game changer for the nonprofit sector. All Fundraisers are featured on your Facebook Page.

10 Social Media Strategies That Increase Engagement and Inspire Donors

Nonprofit Tech for Good

To register for future free webinars, please see the Nonprofit Tech for Good Webinar Schedule. 1. Sign up for Facebook’s new donation tools.

How to Build Relationships with Your Future Major Donors and Board Members: Millennials

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Our donors are older. ”? 90% are on Facebook. “People try to put us down (talkin ’bout my generation). Pete Townshend.

Facebook Subscriptions: 8 Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Pay Attention


Making a difference, a positive impact in the world, is the entire reason your nonprofit organizations exists. With them, the sky is the limit.

How to Use Facebook to Get More Donors [INFOGRAPHIC]

John Haydon

Do you handle marketing communications at your nonprofit? How to Use Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your Website. ———-.

35 Facebook Live Ideas to Show the Impact of Your Nonprofit

John Haydon

Donors and volunteers give their money and time not because they want to support a nonprofit, but because they want to change the world.

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9 Underutilized Emails that Improve Donor Retention

Connection Cafe

As my colleague Frank Barry mentioned, most nonprofits stink at donor retention. Nearly 3 out of 4 new donors never make a second gift.

Hey Nonprofits: Here Comes Gen Z Donors

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Many nonprofit fundraisers know about and have specific strategies to reach, cultivate, and solicit baby boom donors, Gen X donors, and Gen Y donors.   But look out, get ready to reach out to Gen Z donors , sometimes called “ PhilanthroTeens ”  or “ PhilanthroKids.”. How do nonprofit reach out to this generation?

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3 Donor Acquisition Tips Everyone Learns on Their First Date

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Facebook is a fancy photo scrapbook and Twitter is often just a tiny press release machine. Think back to one of your first dates.

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How Your Nonprofit’s e-Newsletter Can Help Retain Donors


One of the biggest difficulties facing nonprofits today is donor retention. Report to the donors the impact of their donations.

Digital Strategies are Moving the Needle for Nonprofits

Connection Cafe

By 2018, social media will be one of the most important channels for nonprofits, according to a study conducted by Forrester. Digital Content.

Facebook Launches Donate Now Button for Nonprofits: Field of Dreams?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

But, is the feature a field of dreams for nonprofits? You can sign up for it at the Nonprofit Marketing Guide here. Fundraising

I Would Dump Garbage On My Head If It Would Help a Nonprofit Reach 71,000 New Donors.

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We live in a world where the reality is that nonprofits have to get creative to gain and keep our attention. Yes, Yes, 71, 000 NEW donors.

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The 7 Keys to a Donor Retention Strategy Full of Thanks

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Research shows the average nonprofit in the U.S. loses 70% of donors after the first gift. Fundraiser. Marketer. Innovator. On Twitter.

17 Steps to Creating Explosively Successful Facebook Contests

John Haydon

Facebook contests can increase your fan-count and engagement. Is a Facebook contest right for your organization? Set some goals. Buy ads.

Engaging Millennials for Nonprofit Storytelling

Connection Cafe

Fully engaging Millennials as loyal donors is not likely to happen in one fell swoop. So where should you start? Engagement.

How Weinstein Hospice Uses Smart Segmentation to Identify Key Donors

Connection Cafe

When it comes to fundraising, having the right information about your donors is critical. How much time do you spend prospecting for donors?

Millennial Donors: Please Stand Up

Connection Cafe

Here are three pithy stats (one for each decade) and associated actions to catch more Millennial dollars: To Facebook or to Website.

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Going Digital? Five Things to Consider Before Making the Move

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Understand your donors. Build on what you have. Don’t reinvent the wheel when it comes to your overall marketing strategy. What is the benefit?

HOW TO: Custom Design Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Timeline

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Many of you have probably already heard that Facebook Timeline for Pages will automatically go live for all brand pages on March 30. Facebook

5 Facebook Marketing Tips for Nonprofits


Nonprofit organizations need online exposure for a multitude of reasons… one of which is to secure funding. Whether facebookContact Us.

Two Opportunities for Nonprofits to Power their #GivingTuesday Campaigns — Facebook Ad Credits & #MyGivingStory

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

When used effectively, ads can have a remarkable impact on nonprofits of any size. Your essay must focus on one specific nonprofit organization.

Three Ways Nonprofits Can Use Facebook Apps to Motivate Donors

John Haydon

This is a guest post from Jim Belosic, CEO of ShortStack , an amazing tool to create apps for Facebook Pages, websites and mobile.

20 Insightful Nonprofit Technology And Social Media Stats


59% of people donate after becoming a follower of a nonprofit’s social network. Nonprofits saw a 264% growth in Twitter followers in 2012.

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A 3 Step Guide to Attracting Corporate Donors Using Social Media


Nonprofits – small and large – were scurrying to create “meaningful” corporate partnerships NOT sponsorships.  Facebook logo. Guess what? 

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Nonprofit Communications Trends Report for 2015

John Haydon

As a consultant and trainer in the nonprofit community, I’ve been waiting with bated breath for the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report.

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