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Using Salesforce Process Builder & Flow with Opportunity Contact Roles

Judi Sohn

Automatically create an Opportunity Contact Role record based on a lookup field on the Opportunity. Go with what works. Too many extra clicks.

Blackbaud and Constant Contact Team Up: 5 FREE Webinars on Effective Nonprofit eCommunication

Tech Soup Blog

blackbaud TechSoup NTEN constant contact email marketing Webinar EcommunicationWhat about figuring out how often to send emails to donors?

Contact - Plaza Publishing

AFP Blog

Contact - Plaza Publishing: "Charity News Alert MySpace launches UK charity channel myspace online channel- UK Make an impactGareth Jones Social networking site MySpace has launched MySpace Impact, an online channel designed to act as a hub for campaigning, charity and social action in the UK

Blackbaud, Constant Contact, and TechSoup Team Up to Help You Raise More Money in 2012!

Tech Soup Blog

Constant Contact and Blackbaud have teamed up with TechSoup to offer you. Have you ever wondered if you were saying the right things to your. supporters at the right times? Are you targeting your constituents and donors by. demographics, giving level and seasons, or simply treating them like they are. all the same? Together.

Engage, Inform, Recruit: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media to Recruit Donors and Volunteers


Constant Contact. Alec Stern Constant Contact nptech nten Social Media Volunteers Communications Fundraising Alec Stern. Founding Team, Vice President of Strategic Market Development. How can a nonprofit use social media to inspire donations and grow its volunteer base?

Challenges of Finding the Right Social Media

NCE Social Media

Here is a short video from Constant Contact on the challenges tackling social media and the metrics that are important, especially as you start using social media. Video constant contact metrics strugglesThe speaker discusses small business but it can easily be interchanged with nonprofit organization.

Keep Contact Lenses Current with Acuvue’s Easy Text Reminders

Mobile Commons

If you’ve ever had contact lenses, you know that the refill process can be a pain – and if you forget your refill, you might spend a day or two walking around half-blind until you fix the problem! Contact lens manufacturer Acuvue has come up with an easy way to help people remember to get their lenses renewed. It’s that simple.

Better Together: eTapestry and Constant Contact Team Up

Tech Soup Blog

eTapestry has partnered with Constant Contact to help users avoid exactly those pitfalls. eTapestry. Avoid sending duplicate communications.

The Art of Building Lasting Donor Relationships with One-To-One Marketing

Connection Cafe

Did you know that contact information and RFM (recency, frequency, monetary) data are enough to turn an unwelcome phone call into a happily given gift?

Blackbaud, Constant Contact, and TechSoup Team Up to Help You Become a Better Communicator

Tech Soup Blog

Constant Contact and Blackbaud have teamed up with TechSoup to offer you an exciting free series focused on helping you be a better communicator and fundraiser. Brought to you by: Online Fundraising blackbaud TechSoup constant contact email marketingeffective online. Have you ever wondered if you were saying the right things to your.

Are you a flickr contact pack rat or connoisseur?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Linktribution is given to Alan for designing the flickr contact acquisition behavior scale. My virtual colleague, Alan Levine, posted a reflection about educational technologists flickr contact acquisition behavior. Yup, I might be a Contact __ (BK added rhymes with score and begins with W). and to take action right away.

Is Your Contact Network More like Open Source or Propritery Software

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

But I add contacts via a toolbar integrated with Outlook. I can easily check out the person's profile on LinkedIn and send off an invitation.

Your People -- Managing Contact Information for Members, Supporters, Attendees and Donors

Wild Apricot Blog

Lamees Abourahma of Webbright Services is one such partner, and she recently did a great post on her blog about our association member and contact database functions. At Wild Apricot, we are blessed to have a number of terrific partners who provide services for our customers. Lamees' post really got me to thinking about the benefits.(

Member Round Up: Goodbye, sluggish dog days of summer.hello, change!


Check out their findings and read the full report at Constant Contact 2012 Nonprofit Pulse Survey. Advanced Solutions International Amy Sample Ward care2 carie lewis Constant Contact danielle brigida Firstgiving Gloria Huang Jen Frazier Member Round Up member update nptech Social MediaHave more news to share? Anything we missed?

Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together: Free Email Marketing Webinars from Blackbaud and Constant Contact


Our friends over at Blackbaud, in association with Constant Contact, have been running a great series on email marketing, Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together. And I know how you feel about free resources

Constant Contact and Blackbaud Seminar and Webinar Series: Hosted by TechSoup

Tech Soup Blog

Alec Stern is the vice president of strategic market development at Constant Contact , which provides email marketing solutions for nonprofits. Well look no further, Constant Contact, Blackbaud, and TechSoup have teamed up to present a clear and simple plan to engage current supporters and gain new ones. Register today !

The Power of Telling Your Organization’s Story


We are happy to share the following blog post from Alec Stern , Founding Team, Vice President of Strategic Market Development, at Constant Contact with you ahead of the conference. Be sure to connect with the Constant Contact team at the NTC! Communications Community Constant Contact nptech Social Media storytelling Communications

How to Be a Better Presenter, Even on the Fly

Connection Cafe

Use eye contact to check in with each audience member. Breathe…1…2…make eye contact…breathe…1…2…make eye contact. No, don’t.

Public 101

Mapping an Engagement Strategy for Successful Year-End Appeals

Connection Cafe

Target the Best Donors— Select your biggest donors for personal contact. Include all donors from the past three years. Manageability is key.

Map 74

The Six Week Solution for a Successful Year-End Giving Campaign

Connection Cafe

Select the biggest donors for personal contact the following week.  WEEK 5: Contact Tier 2. November 10-16)  . WEEK 2: Review your Case.

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New and Improved Messaging Features for Facebook Pages

John Haydon

These new features let you create more personalized conversations, manage your inbox, create notes for contacts, and even use canned replies.

How to Recruit Volunteers from Your Email List

Wild Apricot Blog

Here's one simple thing you can do to get your emails to stand out. Volunteers personalization email emails

email 18

Do’s and Don’ts for Your Next Email Fundraising Appeal

Connection Cafe

DO Include Offline Contact Information. Remember that email solicitations should not be the only e-mail contact you have with your donors. 

3 Reasons to Add Your NPO’s Phone Number to Google Search

NonProfit Hub

Google is making it even easier for people to contact your organization. By using Corporate Contact markup on your nonprofit’s website, you can add your organization’s contact information to Google’s Knowledge panel in some searches. They may not use that number to contact you, but it’s nice to know that they can.

NPO 25

Growing your Members and Donors with the Power of Data

Connection Cafe

Rosie and Dana suggest capitalizing on touch points to get contact information for potential supporters in your CRM. Even better. Of course not.

Arts 75

End-of-Year Planning: 7 Things to Get Done this October

Connection Cafe

Along with the start of school and football season, we’ve also kicked off the end-of-year campaign planning season for nonprofits.

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Data in the Wind | 4 Options for Fine-Tuning Old Data

Connection Cafe

Do you have a bunch of records that contain names only with no contact information or any other details? But do I ever play her? Dust her off.

Arts 106

A Few Good Tools To Manage Your Online Professional Network Connections

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Professional network contact management is a lot more powerful, but also a more complicated for individuals. Flickr Image: Myles Grant.

How to Nail the Soft Skills of Fundraising: The Face-to-Face Ask

Connection Cafe

Only 7% of communication is verbal – a whopping 55% is your body language and eye contact!  by Rachel Muir. That is a lot happening at once! 

Gift 79

The default occurs each time–blank Contact fields are filled with Lead data, all other Lead data is deleted. All Rights Reserved.

Real-world Salesforce Visual Workflow for a nonprofit

Judi Sohn

created a ScreenSteps document to show them step-by-step how to enter a new contact/household and distributed the PDF via email. One screen.

How Can My Nonprofit Get Started with Measurable Advocacy?

Connection Cafe

Organizations often resort to counting the number of contacts that they can communicate with in their database. New contacts. New donors.

February 11, 2015: National 2-1-1 Day


If you would like more information about 2-1-1s in general, please feel free to contact Lori Warrens, Senior Director of Community Solutions at VisionLink, and a founder of the national 2-1-1 system. Please contact Lori at Please help us in congratulating 2-1-1 ! Happy National 2-1-1 Day for the VisionLink Team!

The Best Thing You Can Do to Set Your 2017 Up Right


Contact me today  to talk about how this might work for you. Do you want to improve employee engagement? Culture That Works Featured

Free and Open Source tool #14: SugarCRM

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

So for the next few tools, I’ll be describing CRMs (Constituent/Contact/Community/Customer Relationship Management). The first one is one that I’ve been using recently for my consulting business – SugarCRM. Unlike CiviCRM, which is targeted to nonprofits, SugarCRM is a system targeted toward sales in for-profit companies.

The BEST gift idea for your office!


Contact Jamie at  for the latest discounts. Contact Jamie for details! Look no further! –Daniel H.

Gift 37

Volunteerism Keeps Proving Its Value (Especially When Skills Are Given)

Connection Cafe

The news is out, and it’s good! What news?  Volunteerism news, of course.  For those of you who know me, that’s not much of a surprise.

Skills 124

The Secret to Raising $1M During Your First-Year Fundraising Event

Connection Cafe

The average person has a network of 150 contacts that they could comfortably reach out to at any given time. Time is money.

Raise 124


Network-Centric Advocacy

NetCentric Advocacy Advocacy Strategy for the Age of Connectivity. The [link] is a collection of survivor information from across dozens of sites. The project was launched to provide information on survivors to family and friends across the web. Its a huge problem." Enter Powell. Its a huge problem." Enter Powell.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Nonprofit Inbound Marketing

NonProfit Hub

What it is: This step focuses on changing your visitors into leads primarily by getting their contact information. Not quite. Convert. Close.

Guide 41