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The Art of People Powered Storytelling Through Social Media


Petri Darby is the Director of Brand Marketing & Digital Strategy at Make-A-Wish Foundation of America. He blogs at darbyDARNIT.

How Baltimore Became the Most Generous City in America on Giving Tuesday

Connection Cafe

You see, Jamie is one of those people who heard about Giving Tuesday early on, and from the beginning it resonated with her. The result?

Give Local America: Getting People Excited About Giving Days

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Getting People Excited About Giving Days by Guest Post by Marika Lynch. This post was cross-posted on the Knight Foundation blog here.

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Give Local America Disaster Offers Lessons for Next Time

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Also, if you have not read it, Kivi Leroux-Miller has written a stellar piece called “ The Heroes and Villains of Give Local America Story.

Ahead of Give Local America, 7 trends in Giving Days

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

With the clock ticking for Give Local America on May 5, community foundations and others are finalizing plans for this national day of online giving.

Zoetica Salon Summary: Feeding America’s Social Media Measurement Strategy

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Dan Michel, Digital Marketing Manager, Feeding America Twitter: @dpmichel. With social media now is that as important anymore?

How “Give Local America” Raised Over $51 Million In 24 Hours

John Haydon

Give Local America (Tuesday, May 6, 2014) raised over $51,641,978.98 Give Local America ‘s goals are to generate significant philanthropy outside of the traditional giving season with a focus on supporting local communities and local organizations.  How are you using content to engage people in the campaign?

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America spread #GoSilent across the web for Memorial Day

Amy Sample Ward

obviously tied to the campaign, and reflective of the call to action means it is likely people will use it and engage. simple  commitment.

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ITWorks & SAP America: Connecting Young Adults To Bright Futures


14 students from the ITWorks program in the Philadelphia area visited SAP America last week for Career Day this year.

A Project Management Lesson from Captain America


Yes, it's been a year since the movie Captain America: The First Avenger came out, but, just in case you are late watching it, there are spoilers ahead. I was re-watching Captain America recently, and I noticed a great story about good project management. Plan well to start off your project. Document, Document, Document.

Ken Goldstein On People, Products And Profits

Eric Jacobsen Blog

Look for people who push themselves. Some of my favorite lessons from Goldstein are: All success resets expectations for what comes next.

To Strengthen Democracy in America, Think Tech

Tech Soup Blog

Editor's note — This blog piece by Micah Sifry touches on the still inadequate state of funding for nonprofit technology. democracy. Micah L.

Case Study: M+R Walks Us Through Testing an Email Fundraising Campaign from Oxfam America


More people were clicking on the video version, but more people were actually donating to the no-video version. It didn’t.

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Portraits of the People: Northeast America and Sandy


Sometimes it helps to see the people impacted by disaster--the personal stories. You can find his work here: Dr. W.

Getting People In the Door: Design Tips from the Retail World

Museum 2.0

But we have a lot to learn from how retailers attract and encourage people to enter in the first place. People like to walk in a loop.

America’s Giving Challenge 2009 Assessment and Reflection Paper

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Allison Fine and I have completed the  assessment and reflection paper for 2009 America’s Giving Challenge for the Case Foundation.  

Working America Drives Local Action with Targeted Text Messages

Mobile Commons

Working America is a national organization that represents working families on a wide variety of issues. So Working America uses locally targeted mobile outreach to make sure they’re sending their messages to only the people who care about them. By locally targeting members in this way, Working America keeps the fight personal.

The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: Marketing Magic Bullet, Burrito Principle, and npEngage Magazine

Connection Cafe

When you truly understand your people, you’re apt to make better marketing decisions. The Fall Issue of npEngage Magazine is out! promise.

Which Social Networking Analysis Term Best Describes Virgin America?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

flew back from DC last night on Virgin America.  How would you describe Virgin America in social networking analysis and mapping terminology?  .

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Free Office 365 Roadshow Events Are Coming to America

Tech Soup Blog

Office 365 Roadshows Coming to America. If you could get the scoop on Office 365 in a single day, would you be interested? Register here.

Support for our fallen is down. I’m not driving a semi, but I’m joining the parade.

Connection Cafe

On Saturday, the week-long journey will culminate at Arlington in honor of National Wreaths Across America Day. Support for Our Fallen Is Down.

3 Secrets for Converting Volunteers to Donors

John Haydon

The latest release of Volunteering and Civic Life in America shows that volunteers are almost twice as likely to donate to charity as non-volunteers.

Help People in Your Community Live Healthier Lifestyles with a Text Message Campaign

Mobile Commons

This post was originally published on the Campaign For America’s Health Centers’ blog. Now there’s a solution. Contact Us Now.

How Online Work Can Save America

Tech Soup Blog

Specifically, she focused on its potential to provide incomes to poor people in both rich and poor countries. It is cloud-based work, which can be done anywhere where people can access the Internet. Over the past two years, Samasource has employed over 900 people in Asia, Africa, and post-earthquake Haiti.

America’s Giving Challenge 2009

Robert Weiner

The latest round of the America's Giving Challenge is on. This is a national competition to encourage people to use their personal and social networks to help win cash for their favorite nonprofit. The goal is to get as many unique daily donations as possible (minimum of $10), to your cause each day. read more.

February 11 Is National 2-1-1 Day!


Today, VisionLink would like to share our gratitude towards all 2-1-1’s across North America and the qualified call specialists, the backbone of 2-1-1.

Will mobile really move people?

Connection Cafe

HRC has had great success with integrating Convio and MobileCommons to use text/mobile messaging to move people. Enjoy.

Encouraging Generosity On Social Networks: Assessing America's Giving Challenge and Reflections from Craigslist Nonprofit Bootcamp

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

to test out some ways to encourage more people to use social media tools and online fundraising to give online, they did not know what would emerge. 

The 2009 America's Giving Challenge


In 2007-2008 America’s Giving Challenge encouraged 70,000 individuals to help raise more than $1.8 With the explosion of social media, America’s Giving Challenge hopes to get even more people involved this year and raise a lot more money for nonprofits. million for nonprofit organizations. Share them with us below!

6 Twitter Tactics for Busy Nonprofits

John Haydon

Feeding America uses Twitter to encourage people to act in the fight to end hunger. Content Marketing

Daily DoGooder: Invisible People

See What's Out There

Change the world, one video at a time.Invisible People | 2:55 In this video Mark Horvath, tireless homelessness advocate, Twitteratti and YouTube celebrity, introduces us to, which uses social media to raise awareness and call to act on homelessness in America.

The Era of Corporate Social Responsibility is Ending: Why That’s a Good Thing

Connection Cafe

Regardless of what structure we’re talking about, people are at the center of every organization, no matter why it exists. It is for all of us. 

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America's Giving Challenge: Bloggers Campaign Roundup

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

launched a bloggers campaign as part of the Sharing Foundation's America Giving Challenge. Sharing Foundation Khmer Literacy Program.

America's Giving Challenge 2009

Tech Soup Blog

The latest round of the America's Giving Challenge is on. This is a national competition to encourage people to use their personal and social networks to help win cash for their favorite nonprofit. The goal is to get as many unique daily donations as possible (minimum of $10), to your cause each day. read more. Tools Web 2.0 Tools

Anything to Be Learned from America’s Most Generous Cities Online?

Connection Cafe

They also point to trends and issues that are often of interest to people. That begged the question, are the good people of Austin giving more outside of Austin because of their propensity for living a wired lifestyle? You can also compare the data to the Forbes List of America's Most Wired Cities to see how the rankings stack-up.

Working America Helps Voters Report Problems with Mobile Messaging

Mobile Commons

Here’s a great example of how a text message campaign can encourage supporters to become reporters – informing people about important developments right as they happen. A new Pennsylvania law was recently passed that would require voters to show ID before voting. The text message campaign did three things. All Posts Blog Use Cases

The Future of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Connection Cafe

And, you won’t find the same people at either event. So what’s a fundraiser to do? They’re about the cause. It’s about making an impact.

Jewish Federations of North America Use Text-to-Pledge to Raise Thousands of Dollars in a Crisis

Mobile Commons

But when most people think about mobile giving, they think of text-to-give. Mobile messaging can be a powerful way to raise money quickly.


My Strategy for America's Giving Challenge: Need Your Feedback!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I'll also be asking people to donate (minimum $10), ask their friends and networks to donate, and help me promote this cause. need your help.

America’s Giving Challenge Gets Another $75,000 To Give Away

See What's Out There

America’s Giving Challenge is an amazing program from The Case Foundation that See3 had the opportunity to support this year. It is a program that encourages nonprofits, large and small, to use the web to engage people in their work, and to encourage small donations. Check it out right now at America’s Giving Challenge.