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Blackbaud Headed to SXSWi 2011


Blackbaud @ SXSW 2011. South by South West Interactive 2011 is upon us. It’s that time again. Here’s the detail … ?Title:

SXSW 2011: David J. Neff talks Social Media Fundraising with Frank Barry


While at SXSW 2011 I had the chance to talk with David J. Watch the Video from SXSW 2011. SXSW 2011: David J. Camera.

My Three Words for 2011: Seek, Sense, and Share

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

My Three Words for 2011 inspired by Harold Jarche's Networked Learning Model. Then, try to think in even broader terms.

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Social Media as a Fundraising Tool for 2011

NCE Social Media

PBSNewsHour had a recent segment on how charities are turning to social media as a fundraising tool now more than ever. How is your agency using it as a fund raising tool in the new year? She creates podcasts on the topic of social media for the Chronicle of Philanthropy and you should check them out.

Favorite Factoids from the 2011 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

What I liked most was the infographic they shared as a companion to the study.  I had to screen capture my favorite factoids and share those below.

Idealware’s Nonprofit Social Media Decision Guide, Updated for 2011

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Through tools like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, you can post information, encourage comments and get feedback. Guest post by Laura Quinn.

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Online Tools to Help You Beat the Post-Holiday Blues


Welcome to 2011! This is a really useful tool for helping coordinate ongoing activities such as email blasts. Google Calendar. Tweetdeck.

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International Human Rights Day 2011

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

2011 has been an amazing year for human rights defenders. In my Fall 2011 President’s Update , I mentioned PBS NewsHour’s two stories, and complete press coverage of our work is listed on our website. The year 2011 has shown in many ways that the arc of history is bending toward justice. and the European Union. and Catherine T.

Trick or Tweet? Seven Twitter Tools To Help You Measure, Learn, and Improve

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Susan Tenby from TechSoup Global told me about socialbro.  It is a Twitter analytics tool. Crowdbooster is another Twitter analytics tool that gives you a lot of interesting charts and graphs and data. Tools are like candy – have a sugar high yet? Want more, see my big, messy list of social media tools.

Security and Control: Early thoughts on Google+

Amy Sample Ward

There are bound to be many, many versions of this blog post as people from around the world start investigating the tool and sharing their impressions.

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Live blogging from the 2011 Millennial Donor Summit: The Generational Divide (Panel Discussion)

Amy Sample Ward

Today, I’m live blogging a few sessions from the 2011 Millennial Donor Summit. Moderated by Kari Dunn, Case Foundation. So we have to relevant.

Why Online Donors are Worth More than Offline Donors [INFOGRAPHIC]


In 2011, online giving was up 13% on a year-over-year basis when large International Affairs organizations are removed from the analysis.

Frogloop Guest Post: 4 Tools to Help Any Nonprofit Tell Stories Online

Amy Sample Ward

Animoto isn’t a new tool, but it is still in my top five. Posterous is a blogging tool, that is really so much more. Historypin.

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Libraries: The Oldest New Frontier for Innovation

Amy Sample Ward

When it comes to innovation in civil society, there is nothing that can match the speed and ingenuity of communities that come together to make a change, develop a tool, or feed a need. Don’t ever go for a new, shiny, cool social media platform or tool simply because you’ve heard others talking about it. Why Community? Principles.

It's All In The Tools

Connection Cafe

Even the smallest nonprofits can achieve event fundraising success at little to no cost, just by using some readily available tools.

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Using Social Media Increases Fundraising by 40% [Study]


When you register, you’ll immediately get access to the white paper, Making Event Participants More Successful with Social Media Tools.

NTC Day of Service 2011: The Art of Story Capture

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Since Mark works solo, this is a useful tool.  Approximately 100 volunteers participated in service activities.  Tech Recycling Day.

Using Social Media to Put a Face on Homelessness with Mark Horvath


While at SXSW 2011 I had a got a few minutes to catch up with Mark. SXSW 2011: Mark Horvath Talks about InvisiblePeople.TV

Say What? Build a Social Media Listening Dashboard for Your Nonprofit


If you’re lucky enough to have a decent budget,  you can look into social media monitoring tools like Radian6. But how?

Four Social Media Fundraising Tools


That leaves a relatively small sliver raised via the third party tools typically available on social media. give them credit for sticking with it and pivoting to a very compelling tool []. To the point that you're reading a blog post about one type of tool that assists one type of fundraising in one type of channel?

Is Facebook an Effective Volunteer Management Tool?


[Editor's note: The following is an excerpt from an article that first appeared in the June 2011 issue of NTEN:Change. It seems like a logical assumption that Facebook should also be a good way to attract volunteers—but is that true? You need to cultivate it.” “I treat an Internet presence like a garden,” she said. You need to cultivate it.”

June 2011 Community Builder Chat Archive (#CommBuild)

Amy Sample Ward

The June Community Builder chat focused a lot on listening, engaging, and supporting communities with organic and emerging conversations and goals.

Live blogging from the 2011 Millennial Donor Summit: Successfully Going Mobile

Amy Sample Ward

Today, I’m live blogging a few sessions from the 2011 Millennial Donor Summit. Millennials want basic information and tools for action.

Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day

Amy Sample Ward

Tools and Apps to Energize Your Base. Here are the slides from the session and links to get you started: Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day.

5 Supah-Cool Free Online Tools For Nonprofits


Jason Fitzpatrick from Lifehacker mused that “WorkFlowy is a one-list-to-rule-them-all organization tool.”. For non-profits, WorkFlowy has to be the mother of all web tools. They supply non-profits with promotion, fundraising tools, and an extensive resource library. What cool free online collaboration tools are you using

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16 Twitter Tools for Nonprofits | The SocialPath

Vertex Systems

But for those who are, or who are getting ready to start, here are a few useful tools for nonprofits that are either free or should have a free option.

Social Media Best Practices: 12 Tips for Making the Best of Any Social Site


Do you know how many of your supporters use popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube? Twitter has more than 16 million users, and 42.3

6 Takeaways From ShareThis’ Study on Social Sharing


Internet Marketing and Communication Search Engine Optimization Social Media #nptech Non-Profit Share This social media Social Media Tools Stats

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A Few Good Tools for eAdvocacy


PublishDate: November 2011. Let’s look at a few of the tools available to help advocacy groups direct grassroots communications to a target. Email-Based Tools. Free and Lower-Cost Tools. For those with expansive needs and more substantial budgets, a number of high-end tools provide strong, advanced features—for a cost.

10 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Use Twitter


Fret not, however, as the number of nonprofits using Twitter continues to grow. Staff Networking. Location Based Services. Timely Actions.

Worth a Look: Digital Content Tool

Amy Sample Ward

How would you use a tool like this in your organization or work? otherblogs webtools content curation howto resource review ssir tool

5 Web Reports Every Nonprofit Should Know


Probably no better an indication of my love for the knowledge waiting to be unmasked within this tool, is the (fun?) Google Analytics Dashboard.

A Few Good Tools for Measuring and Monitoring Social Media


PublishDate: August 2011. Finding the right tools to meet your needs in this area can save long hours of work. Every day, more and more tools join a substantial number of choices already on the marketplace. We talked to a number of social media experts to find out which tools they use, and which they recommend.

March 2011 Community Builder Chat Archive (#CommBuild)

Amy Sample Ward

Get the full archive here! Some of the topics from the chat include: Engaging specific ethnic groups/communities. Hyper-local communities.

The Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Study Will Soon Make Its Way to Your Inbox!

Connection Cafe

As in recent years, we’re continuing to see a decline is use of email tools, but email is still a very effective fundraising tool.

WordPress vs. Drupal … fight!

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

WordPress was born as a blogging tool, primarily, and has expanded outside of that realm, to encompass different kinds of content management use cases. CMS Nonprofit Tech Uncategorized Web Tools drupal nptech wordpressAs a user and developer of WordPress since 1.x Feel free to make comments on what I got wrong.). Community Blogs.

How non-profits become experts at Social Branding

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How non-profits become experts at Social Branding, Guest Post by Simon Mainwaring, Founder/Author WE FIRST. Guest Post

Getting Insight from Facebook Insight Requires Sense Making Skills

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Tips Tools and Tactics Visual[link]. Sense-making is an essential workplace skill along with several others. ”- Hal Varian, Google.

The Fantastic Five GIS Tools for Nonprofits


The realization that maps can be a powerful tool for advocacy, management, and planning – data driven decision making anyone? Luckily, you don’t have to earn a four-year degree in geography or computer science to make use of mapping tools in your nonprofit. Below are five of our favorite tools. Too easy, right? No longer.

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April 2011 Community Builder Chat Archive (#CommBuild)

Amy Sample Ward

The April Community Builder chat zeroed in on data and tools. Some of the tools discussed include: Hootsuite. Get the full archive here!