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Creating Your Organization's Social Media Strategy Map

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I've come up with synthesis - a worksheet, how-to points, and resources that would guide an organization to think strategically about social media.

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10 Nonprofit E-newsletter Resources

Have Fun - Do Good

"Blogs are great because you can re-purpose some of the content from your posts in your e-newsletter," I told a large group at a recent social media training. How many of you have an e-newsletter?". It is amazing to me how many organizations and entrepreneurs don't have an e-newsletter, or if they do, it is deathly boring.

10 Fast Tips to Boost E-newsletter Performance


Given the email clutter your subscribers battle daily, how are your organization’s e-newsletter open and click-through rates looking these days? Here are some useful tips to increase your e-newsletters performance rates. 1. The top area of any e-newsletter is prime real estate. Poorly? Headlines should be short.

2009 Nonprofit Benchmarks: How Does your Organization Measure Up?


It’s not sufficient to just offer an email newsletter – who really needs another e-newsletter?&#. Online Fundraising.

Raise Money on Facebook: Four Strategies You Need to Know About


As of September 2009, scores of Facebook applications have been developed to support the nonprofit sector in one way. Over $5 million has been raised in 2009 alone. In April 2009, the Washington Post published a critique of Facebook Causes on the basis that it wasn't an effective tool for raising money. and Canada. Conclusion.


10 Tips for Managing Social Media Burnout

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Don’t update your organization’s profiles on the weekend. tend to lose more followers, fans and friends on weekends than during the week, and my stats show that there is very little ROI [Return on Investment] in terms of traffic, e-mail newsletter and mobile subscribers, event sign ups, etc. from working on the weekends. 2.

Are Nonprofit Email Newsletters Really A Waste of Time?

Connection Cafe

” Many nonprofit newsletters are unfortunately poorly executed. In contrast, nonprofits rely on building long-term donor relationships.

A Very Brief Primer: Measuring the Return on Investment of Nonprofit Technology


ROI can help your organization avoid a technology purchase that is a huge mistake or avoid not investing in a technology that could return many dividends. An ROI process focuses on identifying and unpacking the benefits of efficiency and effectiveness and how these support your organization's mission. Beth Kanter, Beth's Blog.

My Goals For 2009

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Think of how you want to be successful in 2009.  Stated another way, organize and simplify.  What are your goals for 2009?


Dashboards: Track Your Organizational Progress


If your organization hasn't spent much time developing a dashboard, let our experience be your guide. So, we backed up and started with the question, " How do we know if our organization is succeeding? Does this mean 5,000 individuals or 5,000 organizations? Karl Hedstrom, NTEN. So what did we change? And so on.

10 Things Every Nonprofit Should Know About Social Media and Online Communications - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


Enewsletters Still Work Enewsletters are still a valuable form of communications for most organizations. April 28, 2009 | Joanna M.

10 Blog Content Ideas for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Tech for Good

There are now over 143 million blogs on the Internet and when I launched Nonprofit Tech 2.0 in September of 2009, I had very low expectations. I

Cloud Computing 101: What You Need to Know


What relevance does it have to a nonprofit organization like yours? Cloud computing benefits nonprofit organizations of any size; small, medium or large organizations all have access to the same technology in the cloud. You can adjust your IT expenditures to meet your organization's immediate needs. What's in the Cloud.

Small is the New Big: 2009 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study Released


We just released the 2009 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study with our fantastic friends at M+R Strategic Services. Local organizations are getting on the bus. Then tell me: how does your organization compare? Tags: Advocacy benchmarks email Fundraising m+r marketing metrics newsletters NPTech NTEN We'll see.

Successful Organizations On Twitter: Wellstone Action - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


DZ: Is there more than one person that tweets for your organization? Deanna Zandt (DZ): How long have you been on Twitter? What convinced them?

What the Business Sector Can Learn from Nonprofits


even organize conferences and events like the Women Who Tech TeleSummit that have a progressive slant. Frustrated, I took my online organizing skills and used the Twitter petition tool to petition Tim O'Reilly, one of the most established conference organizers to add more women to his conferences. Did it work?

How to Create Enough Good Content


As nonprofits have flocked to the e-newsletter as an inexpensive and timely way to communicate with stakeholders, the number of newsletter tips has also proliferated. While subject lines, “from” addresses, and your template design are all important, they aren’t the biggest challenge to putting out a quality newsletter. The Leap.


Open Source Donor Management Systems: Know Your Options


Donors are the lifeblood of nonprofit organizations. Organizers Database (ODB). by the Organizers’ Collaborative. Installation is a breeze, but with so many potential options, you may want to hire a consultant or have the Organizers’ Collaborative set it up for you. You need them to survive. CiviCRM. Metrix.

Online Giving Trends from 2009 and the Haiti Earthquake


The September 2009 issue of NTEN Connect had a review of trends in online giving. The average online gift in December 2009 was $244.17.

How Sticky is Facebook? - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 01:28PM | by Allyson Kapin Facebook is the 5th most trafficked site in the United States. What does this mean? Yikes!

Finding the Best People: Strategies for Effective IT Hiring


With increased competition for talent, demand for higher salaries, and specific required skills, hiring for technology staff within nonprofit organizations is particularly challenging. Use a strategic and inclusive approach to understand the current and future technology needs of your organization. Needs Assessment. Defining the Role.

Can Social Media Marketing and Traditional Marketing Coexist?


After decades (or more) of honing your marketing strategies, now is not the time to drop the tried and true when social media marketing is still so unproven for your organization. After you spend time listening, you can begin to participate and add your organization's voice to those conversations. In a word, no. Listen and participate.

Effective Fundraising with Facebook Causes


Facebook provides an unprecedented opportunity for nonprofits: 200 million monthly active users, about half of whom are signing in and communicating with their friends on a daily basis, is an organizer's dream. If someone has already started a cause benefiting your organization, get in touch with them and build a relationship.

Managing Technology Change: Imagine All the People


It is critical, especially during tough economic times, to ensure technology projects within your organization are completed on time and within budget. Although we may not see blatant sabotage of technologies or culture within our own organizations during a technology change, we may notice some type of resistance to the new technology.

New Media, Old Media, and Your Nonprofit

Tech Soup Blog

Tools Social Networking Donors Running Your Organization Online Fundraising Clients Online Activism Using the Web and Internet Online Fundraising Here's a provocative question from James on the Social Actions community blogs: What if they don't know about social media? So, what is a progressive, hot-for-social-media non-profit supposed to do?

Writing for the Web: Tips for Nonprofit Organizations


The most popular pieces will be featured in our newsletter. According to , a recent study by the Pew Research Center found that more than three-quarters of all Americans expect to find information about a company, government agency or nonprofit organization on the Web. Denise Moorehead, Third Sector New England. [Ed. ").

How to Leverage Your Newsletter Subscriber List to Solicit Online Donations


I speak to nonprofit organizations all the time about their internet and email marketing strategies. So my question is: are you afraid to ask your newsletter subscribers for money? If your answer is “yes”, I thought I would share my experience with one organization that just might change your mind.

What You Are NOT Doing CAN Hurt You


The most popular pieces will be featured in our newsletter. Last year, Convio clients raised more than $777 million online and 2009 looks to be even better. Organizations of all sizes can get into the game, you just need a playbook. Meg Murphy, Convio. [Ed. You can read all the details here. ]. Built total housefile of 4,312.

Mail 10

Gobs and Gobs of Data: Strategies for Visualizing and Sharing Policy Content


Policy-oriented organizations have long produced dizzying amounts of statistical content. Smart organizations create and publish their data widely to other sites, widgets, social networks, and aggregation applications. So how can your organization tap into these tools and trends? Kurt Voelker, Forum One Communications.

Reaching Baby Boomers: The Next Big Demographic in Nonprofit Online Fundraising - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


It’s critical that nonprofits use 2009 as an opportunity to go where their target audiences increasingly are—which is online.

Top 8 Social Media Tracking Tools - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


seriously think it’s "the" buzz word of 2009. June 30, 2009 | Tracy Viselli Two more that I like are listed below. Lets dig in.

5 tools nonprofits can be today to enhance their online presence and efficiency

Connection Cafe

Hundreds if not thousands of online tools are available to help nonprofit organizations with online communication. David J. Social Networks. 2.

Interview with John Falk and Beverly Sheppard Part 2: Rethinking Membership and Admissions

Museum 2.0

You talk about comparable programs like elite flyer programs. How would you recommend that museums transition in this direction?

Guest Post by David Venn: Why Organizational Simplicity Is Key To Social Media Strategy Success

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Organizations that can really adapt and use social media need to simplify. Source: Library of Congress. Simplicity boils down to: 1. Look at me!”

Guest Post by JD Lasica -- Socialbrite: A new sharing & learning hub

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

jazz and put it to work for your organization or cause. You won’t see marketing flackery here.) You’ll find: A directory of Web 2.0

The Shrinking Generational Digital Divide


Increasingly, this is a challenge as individuals, businesses and organizations, and especially communication outlets -- TV, radio, print -- diversify their existing channels by hosting websites with blogs, podcasts and other interactive media. Tags: aarp age digital divide Newsletter NPTech NTEN Sami Hassanyeh Sami Hassanyeh, AARP.

A Five Step Program to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Web Pages


So, task number one is to embark on a mission to convert your organization to this new mindset. Avinash Kaushik , Google. Now, attack! Try it.

Cause Marketing or Cause Me To Puke Marketing? Interview with Scott Henderson

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Too many organizations conduct drive-thru philanthropy and don't spend the resources on showing the results of what was achieved. 

Online Donors: Why They Leave and How to Win Them Back


Let's take a step back for a second to understand better why this giving option is appealing to supporters: It takes the onus of remembering to come back to an organization's website or social networking page off the donor. Organizations can encourage repeat giving through cultivation and appropriate follow-up. Probably not.

Online Communications that Don't Suck


Prospects and stakeholders who interact with you online have only your online communications to evaluate your organization. One organization spent 10 hours a month maintaining an online calendar. Tags: email Newsletter NPTech NTEN online communications websites pitiful. Dreadful. Maybe that includes yours? Are you credible?