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Kids and Philanthropy: Teaching Your Children To Be Charitable

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

When I was a kid, Lucy the Elephant , was in a state of disrepair. also want to them to discover and follow their own sense of social activism. 

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An Open Letter to Museums on Twitter

Museum 2.0

I'm cool with you using Twitter to let me know about new blog posts, exhibits, programs, or changes to your hours. But not enough of you.

Wild Apricot Blog : An Introduction to Twitter Hashtags

Wild Apricot Blog

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Favorite Do-Good Books of 2008

Have Fun - Do Good

Check out the Chasing the Flame blog for more details. 2. This was probably the book that moved me the most in 2008. Come on.

Is It Worth It? An ROI Calculator for Social Network Campaigns - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


Looking forward to sharing your calculator (and the blog) with my clients within the sector. Need some metrics guidelines? let er rip. Thoughts?

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Top 10 blog posts of 2008

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Here’s the top 10 list for 2008: 1) Remember when 1 MB was alot ? wrote this post back in 2005, and it is the most popular in 2008! This blog entry from 2007 is about being open about one’s mistakes. It has one of the highest bounce rates of any post on this blog. 8) What is Cloud Computing?

Blogging and Streaming My Layover in Heathrow

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Expect light blogging this week because I have no idea whether or not I will have decent Internet access. I'm doing a whirlwind in 7 days - Boston - Miami - London - Romania - Miami - Boston. I'm leading some workshops and doing some presentations and other work. left Boston on Thursday for Miami for a meeting on Friday. It was worth it.

How Much Time Does It Take To Do Social Media?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

In my presentations, I use a slide from Nina Simon's blog post called " How Much Time Does It Take To Do Web2.0 In A Museum?

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Technorati: State of the Blogosphere 2008

AFP Blog

Technorati: State of the Blogosphere 2008: "Blogs are Pervasive and Part of Our Daily LivesThere have been a number of studies aimed at understanding the size of the Blogosphere, yielding widely disparate estimates of both the number of blogs and blog readership.

Upcoming Nonprofits Live: DIY Blogging

Tech Soup Blog

This month, we're examining the landscape of DIY blogging. Join us for this very exciting Nonprofits Live on March 21 , where we will feature nonprofit technology guests sharing their unique perspectives on everything from blog set up and effective strategies, to maintenance and growth best practices over time. Pacific time.

Wild Apricot Blog : 4 Ways to Put a PowerPoint Presentation on Your Web Site

Wild Apricot Blog

Nonprofit Blogging Burning Questions and Answers

Have Fun - Do Good

I originally wrote this post for the NetSquared Blog. How do we decide if our organization should have a blog? blog blogging nonprofit

Authenticity is the new Cool and other lessons from my Pecha Kucha Session at ASAE 2008


ASAE & The Center 2008 San Diego) view presentation tags: discovery insights ideas story Jeff De Cagna and I conducted a session at ASAE using the Japanese presentation format Pecha Kucha , where the entire presentation is done using 20 slides (images only, minimal or no text) for a maximum of 20 seconds each (totaling 6 minutes and 40 seconds).

My Top 16 tools of 2008

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

WordPress. I use WP pretty much everyday, between my own blogs, and helping clients maintain theirs. WP as a blogging tool rocks my world, and although I certainly could move blogging to Drupal, since I seem to be becoming somewhat of a Drupalista, it’s just not worth it. So what tools did you come to depend on in 2008?

Developing a Social Media Plan: Lessons from Election 2008


Election 2008 is remarkable for so many reasons. As agents of social change, there is a great deal the nonprofit sector can learn from Election 2008. Go Mobile: Mobile applications have surged in this 2008 and some predict it will make the difference in the election's outcome. For the first time in U.S. Tools you can Use.

My Top 10 Social Action Platforms of 2008

Social Actions

wanted to share my favorite networks of 2008 - innovative sites which either launched, re-launched, or took off in unexpected ways in the past year.

Wild Apricot Blog : How to Set Up a Non-Profit Facebook Page

Wild Apricot Blog

A Roundup of New Year's Predictions, Resolutions, and Best Of 2008

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Round up of New Year's Reflections, Best Ofs, and Predictions for 2008. Lucy Bernholz takes a look at buzzwords in philanthropy in 2008.

Got Your Ears On? How to Listen to Your Audience Using Social Media


Set up a few blog searches - you can search sites like Google Blogsearch , Technorati , Bloglines and BlogCatalog. Bonus Tip: Rather than email alerts, you can use a feed reader like Google Reader to collect all of your listening alerts and searches from Google, blog search engines and Twitter into one place. What does listening mean?

Are you a "nonprofit" or a "charity"? See what Google users think | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

What we’re reading, week of 12/1 « i On Nonprofits said: [.] 4, 2008 From Non-Profit Tech Blog… Are you a “nonprofit&# or a “charity&# ? excellent December 2008 post from the Nonprofit Tech Blog discusses online search trends for the two terms, with some surprising results. Giddy up! link].

Thinking Differently in 2008


Everyone is posting New Year's resolutions, and learnings from 2007, but I have decided to be true to myself (hehehe) and do something different for my first post of 2008. wasn't really ready to tackle this then, I was crazy busy (aren't we all) and trying to find my feet in a lot of areas, including this blog.

Wild Apricot Blog : 10 Reasons Why Every Nonprofit Must Have a Blog

Wild Apricot Blog

How Much Time Does Web 2.0 Take?

Museum 2.0

It may take you only a few minutes to create a blog, but doing so means (hopefully) a commitment to frequent content posts. Start a blog.

Twitter As Charitable Giving Spreader: A Meta Analysis

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

August, 2008 Using Twitter and other channels, I raised $2,500 in 90 minutes at Gnomedex.   The experiment was to test Twitter's speed. 

Blog Action Day: Can One Person Make A Difference? Challenging Poverty With Social Media

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Today is Blog Action Day where over 11,000 bloggers/sites around the world will publish, donate, or promote the issue of poverty.  That???s

Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Home About Me Subscribe Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology Thoughtful and sometimes snarky perspectives on nonprofit technology Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants July 27, 2008 This week, it is my pleasure to host the Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants. She makes some great points, and gives good tips to make changes. Be Helpful.

Let The Change Blogging Meme Hit The Road.

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

will use a blog rich in video and audio to share my discoveries and analysis. just donated a small amount to his effort! What's that? We won???t

Where I'm Coming From

Museum 2.0

hope you'll share yours in the comments below (or on your own blog). Why do you care about and or work in museums? And check out the comments.

For ASAE members: Countdown to ASAE 2008


MADDIE'S TOP TEN THINGS TO PLAN TO DO AT ASAE 2008 (sort of in date order): - Ummmm. haven't registered yet? tsk tsk! Check it out here. Flight?

Professional Networking: Just for Fun or Part of Your Job Or Combination? Tips for managing multi-memberships in social networks?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Can Facebook Replace Face to Face by Social Citizen Blog. Source: Facebook vs LinkedIn Traffic. How do you use social networks? Other posts.

2008's most popular posts


but in the meantime I started making a list for myself of all the posts that people keep asking me for the links to, because these themes seem to come up again and again, and then (doh!) I realized this might be a useful roundup of the hottest topics of 2008 from this blog. What a year this has turned out to be, huh! Code name: RUTI.

Infographic: Online Giving And Nonprofits


The post Infographic: Online Giving And Nonprofits appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. Launches Blog Network, And They're Hiring

Have Fun - Do Good

In early October, the network re-launched as a social action blog network. You can follow as it develops on Blog for Change(.org)

Amnesty: your signature is more powerful than you think

Steve Bridger

Hat tip to Marc van Gurp and his brilliant  Osocio blog for pointing me to this tour de force

We Are Media Toolbox: Photo Sharing


Or, say you're working on a blog post about the Golden Gate Bridge. It's photosharing day in the We Are Media toolbox festival! Does your organization run any events?  Do you hire a photographer?  We used to.  and NTEN ). . Also, we get a much broader range of photos than we would from a single photographer.  Give us examples!

Landing Page Optimization for Online Fundraising - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


May 22, 2008 | Melissa Tooley Copyright © 2008, , Inc. The result was an in-depth eleven page report. All rights reserved.

Landing Page Optimization for Online Fundraising - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


May 22, 2008 | Melissa Tooley Copyright © 2008, , Inc. The result was an in-depth eleven page report. All rights reserved.

Catch us at the 2008 Bridge Conference | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

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Six Museum-Related Blogs You Might Not Know About That Are Really Good

Museum 2.0

Here are six little-known blogs I've enjoyed reading this year. Peter is a fabulous writer, and this blog has become one of my favorites.

Blog Action Day 2010: Water

Amy Sample Ward

TapIt water bottle refilling network was founded in 2008 to give New Yorkers free access to clean sustainable water on the go. Today, 2.5 Learn.